INFORMS: CAP® Analytics Certification

Maximize your analytics career with CAP(r) Analytics certification - show that you are well-qualified. Apply free of charge and take CAP exam at over 700 testing centers worldwide.

Become a Certified Analytics Professional

Your educational degree was a first step.


You've gained a few years of experience as an analytics professional.


To really maximize your analytics career, CAP® certification is the answer. It will differentiate you and provide a means for hiring managers to know you are qualified. 


Apply free of charge. There are eligibility criteria to sit for the exam, and you must be approved. The Candidate Handbook spells all this out.


The CAP® exam can now be taken at over 700 Kryterion testing centers worldwide on almost any day of the week and at almost any time of day. It couldn't be more convenient. Find the closest testing center to you at


It's even easier to prepare with a free, downloadable Study Guide developed by professionals who have already earned the CAP® credential. 


For teams of 5 or more, request a No-Risk CAP® Refresher Session


CAP® can be earned individually and often is, but if you really want to get the most out of CAP® exam preparation and bring your colleagues along for the ride, too, request our free CAP® Refresher Session.  


CAP® Refresher Session is a free, half-day workshop delivered at your location to a minimum of 5 candidates culminating in the CAP® exam, which is charged at the regular rate. Current CAP® credential holders will review the Study Guide and 24 sample questions and answers with you, relate their experiences taking the exam, and answer all your questions. The day ends with the administration of the three-hour CAP® exam to all eligible candidates. Those who do not pass the exam will be provided with one free re-take at their convenience. 


Are you ready to challenge yourself and take a giant step forward?


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INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional program is an exam-based certification designed to recognize professionals in the analytics industry who have mastered the end-to-end analytics process from business problem framing to model lifecycle management. It is industry-,vendor-, and software-neutral. CAP® has been described as the PMP® for analytics professionals. It is much more than an exam. Candidates must demonstrate acceptable levels of educational achievement and analytics-related work experience before admission to the program. They must also demonstrate professional effectiveness by having their "soft skills" confirmed by a current or former employer or client and must agree to abide by the CAP® code of ethics. To maintain their CAP®, credential holders must earn 30 professional development units over a three-year period. CAP® is truly a comprehensive professional development program.


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