InnovAccer: Simplifying Research and Analysis

Innovaccer cleans and prepares data for analysis by researchers to save time and improve confidence in the quality of the data.

By Abhinav Shashank, InnovAccer, June 2014.

InnovAccer, founded in the fall of 2012, started with one vision – to make research and analysis simpler. Initially, a team of three working on some large academic research projects, today InnovAccer is a team of 50 data scientists working with hundreds of researchers across the world to help them solve some of the biggest and most faced data challenges.

Their analysis suggests that researchers and analysts spend 70% of their research time to search, clean, and standardize data that can finally be used for analysis. There’s a huge amount of information, but no way to be assured and confident of the data in hand. The InnovAccer team safely collects, structures, and connects data to assure the best quality data. They have developed infrastructures, tools, and algorithms to reduce time spent on statistically centered analysis models and approaches for decision making. Innovacer The data focused team of software scientists, data scientists, statistical analysts, and visualization experts at InnovAccer work with researchers across the world to help them create world class datasets, implement cutting-edge statistical models, and build customized data analytics and visualization tools. Within 15 months of its inception, InnovAccer has more than 100 clients from 50 client organizations in over 10 countries including 17 of top 20 business schools like Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, HEC Paris, INSEAD, IESE business school. As a result, now, researchers spend higher energies to solve more problems and to attempt bigger challenges without facing challenges of access to quality data for research, the barrier of big data research infrastructure, or access to data scientists and technology experts for accelerating the research processes.

As the founders say, “This is just the start. We are on a mission – a mission to work closely with the global research and analysis community and to provide services and solutions that make research faster. There is a long way to go !”

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