LION Resources for Teaching Machine Learning and Optimization

A great collection of resources for "LION: Learning and Intelligent Optimization" textbook includes slides, tutorial movies, exercises, use cases, and LIONoso - an academic version of LIONsolver software.

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets, Jun 23, 2014.

The amazing Italian researchers, Roberto Battiti and Mauro Brunato, authors of LIONsolver software, have recently written The LION Way LION: Learning and Intelligent Optimization textbook, and made it freely available on the web. This textbook presents important materials on machine learning and optimization, but does it in a very entertaining and readable style, with excellent illustrations.

Now they also created The LIONcommunity page with materials on machine learning and optimization made available by their lab and a community of active researchers and users.

This includes
  • Slides related to the LIONbook (from Chapter 2 to Chapter 19),
  • Tutorial movies
  • Exercises
    • K nearest neighbors.
    • Learning with method (training and generalization).
    • Handwritten digit recognition with linear regression.
    • Digit recognition with CART trees and democratic forests.

  • Use cases for the Caltech course "Learning from Data"
    • The danger of overfitting. The danger of overfitting
    • Logistic regression for predicting heart disease.
    • Marketing automation for banks via SVM and cross-validation.

  • Mixed Usage Cases in Marketing, E-Commerce etc.
    • Evaluating bank customers asking for credit.
    • Network analytics: "focus and context" visualization, social networks.
    • Collaborative recommendation: movies and viewers. Recommendations
    • Web mining and the network of USA politicians.
    • Asset portfolio selection in finance.
    • Predictive analytics: neural networks.
    • The French invasion of Russia.
    • Reactive Search Optimization: identifying optimal solutions.


Check all those amazing resources and more at

You can also use The LIONoso software, a comprehensive Machine Learning and Intelligent Optimization tool, freely available for non-profit, academic use.