May 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining Acquisitions and Startups Activity

May 2014 acquisitions, startups, and company activity in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science: 40 events, including ExtraHop, Capptain, Datalogix, "Data Nation", 6Sense, Sumo Logic, DataPad, SeeWhy, Tamr, LiveRamp, and Adometry.

By Gregory Piatetsky, June 9, 2014.

Here is the company, startup, and acquisition activity for May 2014 from @kdnuggets. See the latest under hashtag #BigDataCo .

April 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Science company and startup activity

Here are the tweets, in reverse chronological order
  • ExtraHop, data analytics firm, raises $41M, gets data between servers to analyze it in real-time #BigDataCo
  • Priori Data, app store data/analytics provider, takes $1M to build a "Bloomberg"-style platform #BigDataCo
  • Brandwatch raises $22M to boost its Social Media Monitoring Platform, which crawls 80M sites #BigDataCo
  • Microsoft buys Paris-based Capptain, mobile analytics vendor, providing targeted push notifications #BigDataCo
  • App Annie buys competing mobile analytics firm Distimo, raises $17 M to bring total raised to $39M #BigDataCo
  • Datalogix raises $45 M Series C to pipe offline purchase data to Facebook, Twitter #BigDataCo
  • Apixio, San Mateo, CA startup raises $13.5M for healthcare analytics to better estimate patient risk #BigDataCo
  • The "Data Nation": Israel surprisingly large imprint on #BigData: from major labs to many startups #BigDataCo
  • Origami launches analytics platform to save marketers from data complexity, help integrate many sources #BigDataCo
  • Voter Trove, Austin TX startup, aims to brings #BigData Analytics to the GOP, was used in 18 states #BigDataCo
  • How to start and scale a full stack startup - lessons from 42Floors #BigDataCo
  • 6Sense leaves stealth mode to launch B2B Predictive Intelligence Engine, raise $12M #BigDataCo
  • Sumo Logic, next gen machine data analytics firm, raises $30 M from Sequoia, Greylock to expand globally #BigDataCo
  • DataPad, SF-based startup promising cheap, easy-to-use analytics for SMBs, launches with $1.7M seed funds #BigDataCo
  • SAP to buy SeeWhy, Boston-based provider of cloud-based personalized marketing applications #BigDataCo
  • OLSET raises $1.1 M to personalize your Business Travel with #BigData #BigDataCo
  • Giphy, betaworks-backed Gif Search Engine, raising $2.5 M Series A #BigDataCo
  • Luminoso, text analytics startup with MIT roots, helps power Sony #WorldCup2014 social network #BigDataCo
  • Hortonworks, #Hadoop firm, buys XA Secure, #BigData Security firm, will donate IP to Apache, Open Source #BigDataCo
  • Tamr, Big Data Curation startup co-founded by M. Stonebraker & A. Palmer, gets $16M from Google Ventures #BigDataCo
  • Acxiom buys data onboarding firm LiveRamp for $310 M to connect customer data from ~100 marketing sources #BigDataCo
  • Ditto Labs, based in Cambridge, MA, raises $2.2 M for social media photo analytics #BigDataCo
  • Attensity, a leading provider of multi-channel data insights and analytics, closes $90 M #BigDataCo
  • Chartbeat, Real-Time Analytics startup, adds data for native ads, raises $3M more #BigDataCo
  • BitPay now Top-Funded Bitcoin startup after raising $30 M #BigDataCo
  • Colabo, providing #BigData sales accel solutions, raises $1.5M in seed funding from The Hive, angels #BigDataCo
  • Hyderabad Analytics startup Modak Analytics builds #India largest #BigData Repository of Electoral Data #BigDataCo
  • Buyers, beware: The analytics field is consolidating - number of vendors is unsustainable #BigDataCo
  • Google buys Adometry to bring more Attribution to Google Analytics #BigDataCo
  • Flatiron OncologyCloud Big Data platform, gets $100M round led by Google Ventures #BigDataCo
  • Sense, new Data Science startup, builds a "#DataScience Platform of the Future" #BigDataCo
  • Pegasystems buys Text Analytics and Social Listening tools of Bangalore-based MeshLabs #BigDataCo
  • Google buys Austin, TX-based marketing analytics firm Adometry #BigDataCo
  • Cirro, enabling on-demand analytics across disparate data, gets strategic Investment from GE Ventures #BigDataCo
  • Data Elite makes investments in 7 companies, including maker of tiny sensors, social media analytics co. #BigDataCo
  • Accenture buys Italian firm i4C Analytics, to offer tailored analytics solutions for industry faster #BigDataCo
  • Unified, Social Marketing co., buys analytics startup that moved from link shortener to ad platform #BigDataCo
  • D&B buys Indicee, Vancouver-based Cloud Analytics and Business Intelligence firm #BigDataCo
  • Sprinklr, social relationship platform provider, raised $40M Series D, launches social ad tool #BigDataCo
  • Tidemark, BI SaaS provider, raises another $32M to build out its analytics push #BigDataCo