Course: Tools for Discovering Patterns in Data, Sep 8-9

Dr. John Elder describes powerful analytic methods for classification and estimation, explains the leading algorithms, compares their merits, and demonstrates their effectiveness on practical applications.

Elder Research

Elder Research is presenting a 2-day course, "Tools for Discovering Patterns in Data: Extracting Value from Tables, Text, and Links," on September 8 - 9 in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, Dr. John Elder will explain techniques employed by experts to solve challenging problems.

This course describes powerful analytic methods for classification and estimation drawn from Statistics and Data Mining.  Dr. Elder will explain leading algorithms, compare their merits, and demonstrate their effectiveness on practical applications.  We'll review classical statistical techniques, and outline how they are modified and combined into modern methods.  The course emphasizes practical advice and the essential techniques of Resampling, Visualization, and Ensembles.  Actual scientific and business examples illustrate techniques employed by expert analysts.  Key aspects of mining text and links will also be outlined, and major strengths of leading commercial software tools for Data Mining will be compared.

Attendees will receive the 864-page book, Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications, by Drs. Nisbet, Elder, and Miner, winner of the 2009 PROSE Award in Mathematics.  It includes fully functional (limited time) data mining software from SAS, IBM/SPSS, and StatSoft.

Intended Audience
Those who work with data and wish to understand and use recent developments in predictive analytics. At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to discern the basic strengths of competing methods and select the appropriate tools for your applications.
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