GraphLab Create: large-scale machine learning platform for graph, structured, and text data

GraphLab Create 1.0 brings large-scale machine learning capabilities to enterprises, and is the first to handle graph, structured, and text data in one platform.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Jul 15, 2014.

Seattle-based startup GraphLab announced today
GraphLab GraphLab Create 1.0, a new platform to bring large-scale machine learning capabilities to enterprise. GraphLab Create already has hundreds of beta-users.

GraphLab key advantages are performance and scaling. GraphLab Create has optimized out-of-core scaling enabling iteration of 1TB of data on a single machine, and can easily scale to distributed compute in the cloud for production environments that have high data volume and velocity.

News highlights:
  • GraphLab is the first to apply machine learning for 3 main types of data: graph, tabular and text data - in one platform.
  • The GraphLab engine is reported to be 100-10,000 times faster at analytics operations and model training over industry alternatives.
  • Users can prototype in a single machine and move to production with the same code
  • GraphLab data visualization capabilities simplify data exploration
  • GraphLab is integrated with Hadoop (HDFS), is Cloudera certified, and is available as part of Pivotal HD Hadoop distribution platform

GraphLab Create 1.0 will be available on July 21, 2014.

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