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June 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining Acquisitions and Startups Activity

June 2014 acquisitions, startups, and company activity in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science: MapR, CloudPhysics, Clari, ThoughtSpot, SiSense, Elasticsearch, Trifacta, @CBinsights startup post-mortem lessons, and more.

By Gregory Piatetsky, July 9, 2014.

Here is the company, startup, and acquisition activity for June 2014 from @kdnuggets. See the latest under hashtag #BigDataCo.

April 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Science company and startup activity

Here are the tweets, in reverse chronological order
  • MapR, maker of #Hadoop-based open-source, #BigData platform raises $110M led by Google Ventures #BigDataCo
  • Coherent Path, Cambridge-MA analytics startup, raises $6.25M to help retailers tailor their efforts #BigDataCo
  • RedOwl Analytics, using analytics on internal corporate data for proactive risk oversight, raised $4.6M #BigDataCo
  • Kreditech, Hamburg-based #BigData finance firm raised $40M Series B to expand services, geography #BigDataCo
  • True Fit, Woburn, MA based Machine learning startup, raises $10.6M to improve online clothes shopping #BigDataCo
  • Epoxy, Venice, CA-based firm for online video analytics/distribution, raises $6.5M #BigDataCo
  • Seal Software raises $4 M to expand in the growing Contract Discovery and Contract Analytics Market #BigDataCo
  • CloudPhysics gets $15M series C to provide analytics for VMware users #BigDataCo
  • Rewardpod, Israeli app predictive analytics firm, raises $1M, helps developers improve monetization #BigDataCo
  • That should be interesting! IBM wants to give #NYC startups a chance to to use IBM Watson #AI #BigDataCo
  • Wayin, Denver-based Social Media Startup startup founded by Scott McNealy, raises $12.1M series C #BigDataCo
  • Pulsar, UK-based social data analytics platform, launches new Social Analytics Tools after raising $2.3M #BigDataCo
  • Sociometric Solutions, startup from MIT Human Dynamics Lab, gives firms unprecedented employee monitoring #BigDataCo
  • Clari, mobile CRM startup, raises $20M series B to step up machine learning work #BigDataCo
  • Placed location analytics start-up, raises $10M, moves to New York City #BigDataCo
  • Mode raises $2M, opens 'GitHub for data' to the public #BigDataCo
  • Ersatz Labs launches a deep learning platform, make powerful machine learning method easy to use #BigDataCo
  • Rhiza, Pittsburgh-based startup, gets $3M series A, for ad sales analytics tools for big brands #BigDataCo
  • ThoughtSpot, Redwood City startup, raises $30M for its Data Search Appliance plug-and-play BI solution #BigDataCo
  • Entelo, San Francisco startup, wants to boost female, minority tech recruitment with analytics, #BigData #BigDataCo
  • Clari, mobile-first Predictive Sales firm, raises $20M more, integrates 15 #BigData sources, plans more #BigDataCo
  • Landis+Gyr to buy Leading Utility Analytics Company GRIDiant Corporation #BigDataCo
  • Dropbox buys stealthy data analytics startup Parastructure #BigDataCo
  • Analytics Leader RapidMiner buys Radoop, wants to provide advanced analytics for enterprise #Hadoop #BigDataCo
  • #BigData companies to watch, top analytics experts select most promising companies #BigDataCo
  • Data#3 secures $2.5m stake in Wi-Fi analytics firm Discovery Technology #BigDataCo
  • Nuzzel, Social News Aggregator, raises $1.7M, lets you see stores most shared by your friends #BigDataCo
  • Webtrekk, Berlin-based Google Analytics rival, gets €25M funding for global expansion #BigDataCo
  • Nokia mapping & location unit HERE to buy US-based predictive analytics firm Medio #BigDataCo
  • SiSense $30M C round, 3 yrs of 100%+ growth, big demand for its high-performance Business Analytics tool #BigDataCo
  • Visier, San Jose-HQ startup combining #BigData & Human Resources gets $25.5 M Series C #BigDataCo
  • True&Co, SF-based Lingerie startup, uses #BigData to engineer the world's best bra #BigDataCo
  • Curalate, visual analytics firm, gets $8.6 million in Series B funding, following Pinterest $200M raise #BigDataCo
  • Concurrent, SF-based startup, gets $10M Series B to catalyze the #BigData app economy #BigDataCo
  • Big Data Partnership, a London, UK-based provider of big data solutions, closed £1.25m in Series A #BigDataCo
  • RIP SpaceCurve? #BigData startup with a platform for streaming sensor data, cuts staff, CEO departs #BigDataCo
  • Elasticsearch, Amsterdam/Los Altos-based provider of open-source search and query systems, raises $70 M #BigDataCo
  • Big Data Partnership, a London, UK-based provider of big data solutions, closed £1.25m in Series A #BigDataCo
  • D8A startup wants to turn cops into data scientists, analyze social media to help cops be proactive #BigDataCo
  • Secure Big Data? Cloudera, #Hadoop provider, buys #BigData encryption firm Gazzang #BigDataCo
  • Big Data and Mobile start-ups showcased in Tel-Aviv: Cellarix, Parko, Pronto, Pythia, Robinlabs, Sqream #BigDataCo
  • Great lessons from @CBinsights: 76 Startup Failure Post-Mortems - usually die at 20 months, raising $1.3M #BigDataCo
  • Mumbai-based Patni brothers plan to raise $40M to fund #BigData firms #BigDataCo
  • Trifacta gets $25M to simplify, cut down cleaning of #BigData #BigDataCo
  • Concurrent, a #Hadoop startup, gets $10M to make #BigData easier to access with #Cascading #BigDataCo
  • Vhoto, Machine-Learning Video App, raises $750K, taking seed round to $3.1M #BigDataCo


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