Metis Data Science Bootcamp, New York, 12 weeks

Learn Data Science in 12 weeks with in-person instruction + ongoing career coaching + job placement support. Apply by Aug 11, 2014.



Learn Data Science in 12 weeks with in-person instruction, ongoing career coaching and job placement support.

Bootcamp: September 2 - November 21, 2014

Application deadline: August 11, 2014

Twitter: @thismetis

Metis training site, 79 Madison, interior

Learn Data Science in 12 weeks with 100% in-person instruction with experts from Datascope Analytics.

Use real data from sports, business, government, or from whereever else you can borrow. Build a soup-to-nuts Passion Project to share with potential employers.

Leave fully qualified for an entry-level data scientist job. Placement Programs are available to all graduates.

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Upon graduating from the Data Science bootcamp you will be prepared for an entry-level position on a Data Science team as a data scientist or data analyst. This means you will:

1. Have a fluid understanding of and practical experience with the process of designing, implementing, and communicating the results of a data science project.

2. Be a capable coder in Python and at the command line, including the related packages and toolsets most commonly used in data science.

3. Understand the landscape of data science tools and their applications, and be prepared to identify and dig into new technologies and algorithms needed for the job at hand.

4. Know the fundamentals of data visualization and have experience creating static and dynamic data visuals using JavaScript and D3.js.

5. Have introductory exposure to modern big data tools and architecture such as the Hadoop stack, know when these tools are necessary, and be poised to quickly train up and utilize them in a big data project.