OnlyBoth MLB Baseball Knowledge Discovery Application

Baseball fans and machine learning enthusiasts can now find interesting insights about any player in baseball history using OnlyBoth Baseball - a free web and mobile app.

Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets, July 15, 2014.

Ahead of MLB All-Star game, OnlyBoth, a Pittsburgh-based startup which automatically finds interesting insights in data, and writes them in English, launched a MLB Baseball Baseball application.

Baseball 57,000 batter/seasons through 2013 give rise to 200,000 paragraphs, all automated.

Visit, select the baseball option, and enter a player, team, and season, or just enter a player and select from the matches, or a team and year and select from the team's roster. You can find comparable players and contrast them. You can also move from year to year for a player - finding his best year with a single click.

Some examples:
  • Derek Jeter, in his most productive year of 2006, had the most singles (158) of all players who fanned 100 times during a season.
  • Only Miguel Cabrera of the 2013 Detroit Tigers both made as much money ($21.0M) and had as high an on-base percentage (.442).
  • Of the 3,251 hitters who made the All-Star team, Don Johnson of the 1944 Chicago Cubs made the 2nd-most errors (47) and made the most errors from 1941 until today.

OnlyBoth also allows you to find interesting insights about colleges, such as
  • Harvard has the highest 75th percentile SAT reading score (800) among all 3,122 colleges.
  • Yale has the top USNews law school ranking among all 3,122 colleges.

OnlyBoth was co-founded in March 2014 by Raul Valdes-Perez, a former CMU Professor and Machine Learning Researcher, who previously founded a successful search and discovery startup Vivisimo.
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