PredictionIO raised $2.5M for Open Source Machine Learning Server

An open source machine learning server, PredictionIO, has raised $2.5M to help build smarter application everywhere. It seems that “smarter” is the new sexy.

By Ran Bi, July 17, 2014

PredictionIO has announced earlier today that it raised $2.5M to build open source Machine Learning server for developers. Investors include Azure Capital, QuestVP, CrunchFund, Stanford – StartX Fund, Kima Ventures, IronFire, Sood Ventures and XG Ventures etc.predictionio

PredictionIO is an open source machine learning server for software developers to create predictive features, such as personalization, recommendation and content discovery.

It is pretty straightforward to understand what PredictionIO can do from its name. It empowers developers and data engineers to build smarter apps with just a few lines of code. Developers can easily add predictive features, such as predicting user behaviors, personalized content recommendation, and match-making service, to their applications.

Version 0.7.3 has been released. First, let us take a look at its user showcases.

  • Le Tote, which sends personalized clothing to its subscribers, is using PredictionIO to discover customers’ fashion preference. Basically, it is like a Netflix for clothes.
  • PerkHub, manages enterprise customers’ employee perks programs and is using PredictionIO to personalize product recommendation in their weekly emails.
  •, is an app store for HTML5 Games. Its recommendation engine is much more efficient by using PredictionIO.
  • ……


Like these examples, almost all the applications could be improved by machine learning. From healthcare to entertainment, machine learning makes everything customized and efficient. Prediction is not the first server on machine learning. Google Prediction API, and other startups like BigML, Skytree also focus on building prediction tools.

Two main features, which are open source and developer-friendly, make PredictionIO different from other competitors. Developers can import data through REST API interface or client SDKs in Java, Python, Ruby, Android and PHP programming languages. For distributed data processing, PredictionIO relies on Apache Hadoop. To use PredictionIO, no prior machine learning knowledge is required.

Unlike other data science tools that focus on solving data researchers’ problems, PredictionIO is built for every programmer.“, Simon Chan, co-founder and CEO of PredictionIO said.

More detailed information can be found on its website and GitHub page.