Summer School on Resource-Aware Machine Learning, Dortmund

Attend summer school in Dortmund, Germany covering Machine Learning with Constrained Resources including topics like detecting astro particles using charging variations in smartphones. Applications are due by August 30.

Stream Mining Astroparticles on your Smartphone:
Smartphone International Summer School on Resource-Aware Machine Learning

Please notice: Upcoming deadline for registration is 30th of August.

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Date: 29th of September to 2nd of October.
Location: TU Dortmund University, Germany

detector Earth is hit every day by countless particles from outside the solar systems. Research collaborations from all over the world are building gigantic telescopes to capture these events. But even a standard CCD sensor as included in every smartphone is able to detect these phenomena. While in normal operation regarded as noise,tiny variations in CCD cell charging due to particle impact can be attributed to these events. After constantly capturing images these need to be processed to differentiate interesting events from background noise as caused from heating or faulty pixels. Join our experts on stream data mining and learn how to set up processes for analyzing the imaging data, independently of the underlying system, being it a smartphone or a compute cluster.

Further topics of the summer school:
  • Mining patterns in attributed dynamic graphs.
  • The multi-core revolution.
  • Processing Data Streams: From Small Devices to Big Data.
  • Factorizing gigantic matrices.
The summer school is open for international PhD, advanced master students and practitioners, who want to learn cutting edge techniques for machine learning with constrained resources.