Best Text Analytics Summit Presentations

Before this year's Text Analytics Summit West, read the previous year's summit's best received presentations and learn about leveraging text analytics for business gain.

Data Driven Business By Alesia Siuchykava, August 2014.

Prior to the 13th Annual Text Analytics Summit West 2014, I wanted to share the 2 best received presentations from our last year’s event

You can access the presentations here.

Using Text Mining to Drive ROI by Allen Thompson, SVP Corp & Comm Analytics & Reporting at Bank of America

  • Measure the value of your text analytics strategies. Is ROI only about money?
  • Understand why there is no magic bullet – usually it is a series of small things
  • Find out how we can use text analytics to drive revenue

Sentiment Analysis with Machine Learning and Polystructured Data by Mark Pitts, Vice President, Enterprise Informatics, Data & Analytics at Highmark Health

  • Train sentiment classification models using machine learning techniques on a combination of structured and unstructured data
  • Accelerate the creation of powerful sentiment classification models
  • Promote the discovery of previously unsuspected relationships between customer data and customer sentiment