CoLaboratory: Doing Data Science Collaboratively Like Google Doc

A review of CoLaboratory which enables data scientists to write code like on Google Doc.

You may have got tired of e-mailing codes among team members again and again. Created by Google Research, Matthew Turk, and the IPython/Jupyter development team, coLaboratory is designed to make IPython easier to install by PNaCI(Portable Native Client) and more collaborative by Google Drive.

CoLaboratory Notebook

With coLaboratory, the code can be shared and edited collaboratively like on a Google Doc. It enables data scientists to work at the same time and see other people’s changes immediately. Another feature which is really convenient is that all parameters can be shown as sliders and dropdowns, by adding #@param at the end of each line. It would save a lot for non-programmers who are more familiar with GUIs.

CoLaboratory screenshot

There are two ways to set it up: installing classic frontend for local IPython Kernels or installing the CoLaboratory Chrome App. Now it has Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib included. See its github site