Kaggle Epilepsy Seizure Prediction Challenge

Create a forecasting system for predicting epileptic seizures in this Kaggle challenge to help improve the lives of epilepsy patients and win prizes. Competition ends on November 17.

Predict seizures in intracranial EEG recordings

Kaggle is holding a new prediction challenge in which participants will create a seizure forecasting system to attempt to improve the quality of life for epilepsy patients. If successful, these seizure forecasting systems could help patients lead more normal lives.

Start Date: Monday, August 25, 2014
End Date: Monday, November 17, 2014

The Competition

The data provided for the competition comes from electrode sensors in the brain as part of intracranial EEG. These readings come from both dogs and human patients. EEG data from ieeg.org is also permitted to be used.

The effectiveness of the predictor will be judged based on the area under the ROC curve. More information can be found on the evaluation page.


The prizes for first, second, and third are as follows:

  • First: $15,000
  • Second: $7,000
  • Third: $3,000

In addition, the top ten teams will be invited to co-author the academic paper presenting the results of the challenge.