TheWebMiner Price Alert App

Price comparison apps are useful and help make the right purchase decision, but frequently are limited in their abilities. New WebMiner app PriceAlert offers an interesting alternative, now in beta.

By Adrian Balcan, TheWebMiner, Aug 2014.

How the Web Miner Works If you have ever tried to use a tool for price comparison between two or more products on different online shops, you definitely came in contact with the limitations that were imposed by such platforms. Usually, these kinds of apps work by periodically crawling a number of sites and periodically updating a certain product/price table. This is not very useful for users who want to choose products from various shops in different geographical areas or from smaller sites that haven’t been crawled by that certain app.

Now, maybe it’s a bit early to talk about the capabilities of this next product but it’s rounding up nice and can be helpful for consumers around the world and even market analysts, and the best part is that it’s completely free, and with no advertisements. PriceAlert wants to be a new solution for measuring prices from various sites. Currently, there’s nothing amazing, but the technology powering PriceAlert allows users to compare prices on any e-commerce platform all over the world, because unlike similar platforms, which are limited to a number of well defined shops, it uses an algorithm that automatically extracts data, like specifications of that product or the price and availability.

For now, only a beta version is available, but new features are programmed to come up starting very soon. Useful proprieties like an email alert when a certain price has changed or statistics over the change in price for a period of time will be available, not to mention the capability of exporting the data gathered into various useful formats like excel or CSV.

Check out this interesting new toy and maybe leave a review if you feel like it. You can find it here at the address and we hope that together we can bring one more interesting tool to the use of people who need it.

The Web Miner is a Romanian-based start-up, dealing with e-commerce solutions like web scraping and custom reports on market evolution. Even before the company launched in January 2014 they provided web scraping solutions for various projects, which were taken as a source of inspiration for the current idea.