August 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining Acquisitions and Startups Activity

August 2014 acquisitions, startups, and company activity in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science: Infosys, Enlitic, Guavus, Google buys Jetpac, Algorithmia, MedAssets buys Sq2, Yahoo buys Zofari, Adatao.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Sep 3, 2014.

Here is the company, startup, and acquisition activity for August 2014 from @kdnuggets. See the latest under hashtag #BigDataCo.

July 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Science company and startup activity

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  • Aug 31: Equifax to buy remaining 49% in Bangalore data analytics firm NettPositive #BigDataCo
  • Aug 31: Thiel Fellow skips college, raises $1.5 M for Social Commerce App Strut #BigDataCo
  • Aug 30: Berg, a Boston startup, uses AI and #BigData to study healthy tissues, to find potential drug compounds #BigDataCo
  • Aug 29: Vishal Sikka hunting for ideas as Infosys looks to put $100 M fund to incubate startups to work #BigDataCo
  • Aug 28: Glassbeam, IoT analytics platform, raises $2M to build its Internet of Things platform #BigDataCo
  • Aug 28: Joola, a startup offering an advanced platform where you can share real-time analytics with your users #BigDataCo
  • Aug 26: Zillabyte, former "Pandora for sales leads", relaunches to be a "cloud platform for #BigData analysis #BigDataCo
  • Aug 25: Enlitic, startup from former Kaggle prez Jeremy Howard, to help doctors analyze images with #DeepLearning #BigDataCo
  • Aug 24: Enlitic, new startup from Jeremy Howard, former Kaggle prez, to use machine learning for medical diagnoses #BigDataCo
  • Aug 23: Cyient, Hyderabad-based IT firm, buys 51% stake in data analytics startup Invati Insights #BigDataCo
  • Aug 23: Guavus, San Mateo, CA #BigData analytics firm offering solutions for operational intelligence, raises $20M #BigDataCo
  • Aug 23: Nervana, San Diego startup with hot #DeepLearning technology, raises $3.3M in 2nd round this year #BigDataCo
  • Aug 23: Enlighted, Sunnyvale environmental data analytics startup, raised $20 M from top VCs #BigDataCo
  • Aug 22: E15, new analytics company in Chicago launched by Levy Restaurants #BigDataCo
  • Aug 21: Vantage Analytics, a Toronto startup, raised $1.1M for analytics modules for an e-commerce platform #BigDataCo
  • Aug 20: evolve24 (St. Louis) and Sherpa Analytics merge, creating a #BigData Analytics firm, keep evolve24 name #BigDataCo
  • Aug 20: Google buys city guide creator Jetpac, which has image recognition, #DeepLearning technology for maps #BigDataCo
  • Aug 20: Prayas Analytics, retail analytics startup from Wharton students, gets $20K from Dorm Room Fund #BigDataCo
  • Aug 19: Algorithmia, Seattle startup, raises $2.4M from @Etzioni, others to create marketplace for algorithms #BigDataCo
  • Aug 19: MedAssets, GA-based firm, buys Sq2, Skokie-IL health care analytics firm for $142M #BigDataCo
  • Aug 18: Empirix buys up telco #BigData analytics provider Verios #BigDataCo
  • Aug 18: Coinbase buys #bitcoin blockchain explorer firm #BigDataCo
  • Aug 15: How SwiftKey built the world's smartest keyboard and soared to the top of the app economy #BigDataCo
  • Aug 14: iQU, Netherlands marketing firm, buys Munich-based Cross-Platform Game Analytics firm HoneyTracks #BigDataCo
  • Aug 14: Yahoo bought Zofari, a "Pandora for Places", a machine-learning powered app for local recommendations #BigDataCo
  • Aug 13: Loyalty management firm Aimia to buy stake in Indian 2nd largest analytics firm Fractal Analytics #BigDataCo
  • Aug 13: Telstra pays $270M for video streaming, analytics platform Ooyala which will become a subsidiary #BigDataCo
  • Aug 13: Frost Data Capital has a novel recipe for a #BigData Startup Factory #BigDataCo
  • Aug 13: EverString, a #BigData startup that finds sales leads/clients w. predictive analytics, raised $12M Ser. A #BigDataCo
  • Aug 13: Viv Labs, San Jose startup from Siri inventors, builds a radical #AI system that does anything you ask #BigDataCo
  • Aug 12: Splice Machine, San Francisco #SQL on #Hadoop startup, adds $3M in Series B #BigDataCo
  • Aug 11: GE partners with Pivotal, launches data lake service to streamline industry #BigData #BigDataCo
  • Aug 11: Taxi Stockholm brilliantly uses #BigData and taxi trails to find & show Stockholm "hot spots" #BigDataCo
  • Aug 11: SmartNews, Japanese Twitter-Mining news app, raised $36 M from Atomico and Gree #BigDataCo
  • Aug 11: Guesswork launched service to predict consumer behavior with #MachineLearning using Google Prediction API #BigDataCo
  • Aug 10: Gridcraft, a Boulder, CO startup, raises $2.2M to help analyze #BigData with a spreadsheet-like interface #BigDataCo
  • Aug 8: Tapjoy, a mobile ad-tech platform, buys Korean firm 5Rocks, a platform for customer LTV analytics #BigDataCo
  • Aug 8: Indus Insights - Gurgaon, India firm - raises Series A funds to expand data scientist team, drive sales #BigDataCo
  • Aug 8: Metanautix, Palo Alto startup, comes out of stealth, raises $7M for connecting #BigData silos with #SQL #BigDataCo
  • Aug 7: Google buys Emu, an IM client/app with Siri-Like Intelligence, virtual assistant abilities #BigDataCo
  • Aug 7: Adatao raises $13M Series A for #BigData 2.0, offers pInsights "beauty layer" & pAnalytics "power layer" #BigDataCo
  • Aug 4: Palantir acquired Propeller, a startup offering tools for building native mobile apps #BigDataCo
  • Aug 4: Social Cops, Indian startup which sources data from phones, raised $320K seed funding from 500 Startups #BigDataCo
  • Aug 1: Scaled Inference, a stealth start-up, wants to be the Google Brain for all, gets backing from Tencent #BigDataCo

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