COMAD India Graph Mining Programming contest

Compete in the graph mining programming competition at COMAD 2014 and apply your skills to finding subcommunities in networks. Registration deadline is October 15th, and code must be submitted by October 27th.

Graphistry Graph Graph Mining Programming Contest at 20th International Conference on Management of Data

COMAD 2014
17th-19th December, 2014
Hyderabad, India

COMAD 2014 announces a programming contest on mining densest subgraphs from a given graph, which correspond to communities in a variety of social networks.

The important dates are as follows:

Registration deadline: November 3
Submission of code: November 5
Announcement of results: November 12

For details, please see the website at

or the pdf at

The problem of finding relatively highly dense sub-structures in various social networks such as communication networks, collaboration networks and web networks has received a lot of attention [Gol84,Cha00,GKT05,KP93,Law01]. Experiments have suggested that such subgraphs correspond to communities in those networks. Formally, given an undirected un-weighted graph, the problem is to find the densest subgraph of the given graph.

The combinatorial algorithms based on max flow computation for finding maximum density subgraphs have been studied extensively [Gol84,Law01]. However, the time complexity of exactly finding the densest component using these algorithms is cubic or worse, and hence, they are not scalable for large graphs in real-world settings. Although the previous stated results are the best that any deterministic algorithm can achieve, there exist fast linear time algorithms for computing approximate solutions [Cha00,KP93]. However, they are destructive and, thus, return only a single subgraph.