Founders of Yahoo! and MySQL Invest in raises $3M round from Jerry Yang and David Axmark. Released a streamlined version of web data extraction tool with exciting new features.

Web-data platform, has raised a $3m ‘super seed’ round that will help them expand their new San Francisco office. The investment comes from a number of high profile investors including MySQL co-founders David Axmark as an angel, and Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang through AME Cloud Ventures.

In line with the investment, released a streamlined version of their web data extraction tool. This version 2.0 in currently in beta and comes complete with a new design and added functionality.

They have improved data training so that all you need to do is navigate to a website, click a single piece of data on the page - such as price, image, or URL - and their app will find all the other examples of similar data on the website, immediately creating a structured table of data.

This latest version of the extractor includes an exciting new feature labeled “Suggest Data.” Users now have the ability to extract an entire page of data with a single click of a button, simultaneously creating an API.

But what does this mean for the wider data landscape? “Well, the web represents the biggest store of human knowledge in the world, and if all of that data was available programmatically, the ramifications would be immense. Data is going to be the key to success of every business and organization in the next few years. Auto suggest is just the tip of the iceberg. Eventually, we hope to be able to have users simply enter a URL and get their data straight away.” said their CEO, David White.

More New Features include:

  • Toggle JavaScript
  • CSS Source Code view to access data that isn’t visible on the webpage
  • Full X-Path and RegExp control
  • API view - see the JSON requests and responses for your API