INFORMS Analytic Maturity Model

Inspect your organization, its analytics capacity, and its data and infrastructure using the new INFORMS Analytic Maturity Model to improve its analytics abilities for free.

INFORMS INFORMS, the leading professional association in advanced analytics, has introduced the INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model to help you take a good, frank look at how you are using analytics and how you can improve your organization.

The INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model (IAMM) is designed to provide useful information whether your organization is at an initial, developing, or advanced level of analytics. It helps you assess your strengths and weaknesses in three broad areas of analytics:

  • your organization
  • its analytics capability
  • its data & infrastructure

and drills down with a dozen peering questions that provide broad analytics understanding.

The INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model not only lets you score your organization's abilities in these 12 encompassing areas; it also lets you set a goal and a timeline to reach a higher level of analytics maturity that will set your organization apart. You'll be able to benchmark against others in your industry. The model includes visual tools that add to your understanding. You can use these tools when you take the assessment a second and third time as you chart your progress.

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