Book: Modern Optimization with R

Learn the most relevant concepts related to modern optimization methods and how to apply them using multi-platform, open source, R tools in this new book on metaheuristics.

Modern Optimization with R Modern Optimization with R, by Paulo Cortez, Springer, 2014

The goal of this book is to gather in a single document the most relevant concepts related to modern optimization methods, showing how such concepts and methods can be addressed using the open source, multi-platform R tool. Modern optimization methods, also known as metaheuristics, are particularly useful for solving complex problems for which no specialized optimization algorithm has been developed. These methods often yield high quality solutions with a more reasonable use of computational resources (e.g. memory and processing effort).

Examples of popular modern methods discussed in this book are: simulated annealing; tabu search; genetic algorithms; differential evolution; and particle swarm optimization. This book is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in Computer Science, Information Technology, and related areas, as well as data analysts interested in exploring modern optimization methods using R.

Keywords: R statistical tool - evolutionary computation - metaheuristics - particle swarm optimization - simulated annealing - tabu search

The R source code is available at: