Big Data on the Internet of Things

ParStream unveils the first analytics platform purpose-built for the speed and scale of the Internet of Things (IoT).


ParStream introduced the industry’s first analytics platform designed to handle the massive volumes and high velocity of Internet of Things (IoT) data. The platform will help companies generate timely, actionable insights from IoT data by providing more innovative and efficient ways to analyze that data faster.

Real time big data analytics is truly necessary for certain fields, like stock data, sensors data, etc. Google also launched BigQuery for real-time big data this year. The ParStream Analytics Platform includes

  • ParStream DB which can analyze massive amounts of real-time streaming data, 
  • Geo-Distributed Analytics, which enable local real-time analytics and storage close to the data source.
  • Time Series Analytics, to enable enterprises to quickly analyze fast streaming data together with massive amounts of historical data
  • Alerts & Actions, to monitor data streams, create and qualify alerts, and appropriately execute actions automatically or send notifications
  • Visualization Connect, to enable the seamless integration of Datawatch, a leading visualization tool for IoT analytics.and
  • Stream Connect, for the high-velocity ingestion needs of IoT, closely integrated with Informatica’s industry-leading collection tool, Vibe.


Everything is connected


Internet of Things has replaced big data to be the most hyped technology as Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies said. Things here can refer to uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices such as heart monitoring implants, smart thermostat systems, etc. The converge of big data and Internet of Things will help build valuable systems.

The value of IoT will be in gaining timely, valuable insights from all of the data being generated by sensors, etc. ParStream’s analytics database is a great fit for the speed and scale of IoT and is exactly the type of technology that can be the difference between big data and smart data driving business value.