Text Analytics West Summit – Use Data Scientists time productively

Data scientists time is expensive - it should be used productively to help answer important questions and help business grow. Use their time well at the Text Analytics West Summit, SF, Nov 4-5 - see KDnuggets Offer.

Text Analytics West Summit, San Francisco, November 4-5 More and more we hear that analytics shouldn't be done just for the sake of "beautiful predictive models". Data scientists' time is expensive, it should be used in the most productive manner to help answer important questions and help your business grow. But how do we achieve it?

The 13th Annual Text Analytics West Summit (San Francisco, November 4-5) opens with a session which drills down into driving business value with text analytics.

Text analytics practitioners from LinkedIn and Toyota and the author of the book Data Mining for Dummies will cover:
  • What Every executive needs to know about text analytics
  • "Voices" - Use text analytics to make customer voices be heard by your employees
  • Real world business applications of text analytics
  • Extract real actionable insights from your text analytics projects for better business decisions

This is just one part of an in-depth two day agenda dedicated to the growing importance of text analytics. Check the full conference agenda to see all sessions here.

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