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Mirador Open Data Competition

This competition wants to get people interested in data-driven hypothesis making by offering a tool that is as intuitive and engaging as possible, while maintaining solid scientific and statistical foundations. Submissions due Oct 28.

Mirador The Mirador Open Data Competition

Mirador is a tool for visually exploring complex datasets, enabling users to infer new hypotheses from the data and discover correlation patterns, developed by researchers, programmers and designers from Fathom Information Design and the Sabeti Lab at Harvard University and the Broad Institute.

The goal of Mirador Open Data Competition is to promote public participation and transparency in research and governance.

The competition uses 4 large, complex, and public datasets which are made ready for Mirador
  • NHANES: National Health and Nutrition Examination
  • BRFSS: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
  • Lahman's Baseball Database
  • World Bank Development Indicators

Make your submission by Oct 28. During that time, upload your correlation discoveries from the Mirador app to your competition account.

For details and to participate, visit

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