Overcoming Text Analytics Barriers

Getting the value from companies text assets can be both time consuming and expensive. Learn how to overcome these barriers with “Overcoming Text Analytics Barriers" whitepaper, and at Text Analytics Summit West in San Francisco, Nov 4-5. KDnuggets discount.

Text Analytics West Summit, San Francisco, November 4-5 While there is great value locked deep in companies’ textual assets, mining this information can be both time consuming and expensive. These costs often serve as a barrier to entry, preventing companies from capitalizing on the business value inherent in text.

I’m excited to share Janine Johnson’s (ex-Director of Analytics at ISO) presentation

Overcoming Text Analytics Barriers – Selecting the Right Tool for the Job with you, in which she outlines cost effective ways to unlock value from unstructured data.
  • Identify available tools which can help you begin to transform your unstructured data into actionable intelligence.
  • Explore multiple technologies, including MapReduce, which can be used to tackle many typical text mining problems.
  • Discover the possibilities buried in your text and boost your business case.

This topic is being discussed in more depth at the 13th Annual Text Analytics Summit West in San Francisco, November 4-5!

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