Request: Crowdsourcing Health and Nutrition Tweets

Help investigate the relationships between geo-location, age, gender, and nutrition through the medium of Twitter by labeling tweets for this research project.

By Sumit Sidana, Oct 2014.

Currently I am working with Dr. Sihem Amer-Yahia on a project, in which we are trying to find correlations between various demographics (Geo-location, age , gender) and nutrition. We are also looking for relationships between these demographics and health using tweets.

Health and Nutrition For this purpose, we first need to recognize important features of health and nutrition tweets using the power of crowd. We need to understand what general population thinks about health and nutrition. Good quality of health and nutrition related tweets will help us to mine them further in an efficient way.

Therefore, we need your help! We request you to open these links and label as many tweets. Tasks are self-explanatory. We hope to put your labeling to good use such as finding correlations between health and nutrition.

Bio: I am a PhD. Student at IIT Kanpur Computer Science Dept.
My research interests include Data Mining, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Text Mining.
Some of my projects include designing Search Engine, Page Ranking, Developing Insights on huge data sets, Face Recognition System, Opinion Mining and Machine Translation.
I completed my Masters from IIT HYDERABAD (2011-2013). Then, I had a significant amount of industry experience as research engineer in Xurmo Technologies where I designed and wrote code for machine learning algorithms for the platform.