How Analytics is Shaping HR Role In Business – White Paper

Human resources has been shaped by data analytics in how it can provide insights into workforce management, leading to improved utilization of human capital and stronger business strategies.

By Alesia Siuchykava, Data-Driven Business, Nov 2014.

Data analytics in Human Resources is quickly becoming a new area of innovation and focus because of the insights it can provide around workforce management. Workforce analytics has emerged as the key avenue for HR to become a proactive force for managing human capital and strengthening business strategies.

Data Driven Business Data Driven Business has compiled a free white paper which focuses on the business benefits (and challenges!) of workforce and HR analytics from the perspectives of 4 experts from Credit Suisse, eBay, AnalyticsFirst and one large financial firm.

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Highlights include:

  • Adopt a data-driven approach: learn how HR can make the connection between statistics and business decision making
  • Understand how to move to actual analytics while still producing reports and why you shouldn't wait until you have 100% accuracy
  • Get key takeaways to improve your HR function, launch a new analytics program, or shift to a more data driven workforce

With exclusive contributions from:

  • Michael Cook, Vice President - Workforce Analytics at Credit Suisse
  • Brian Fruchey, Analytics Manager - Talent Acquisition at eBay, Inc.
  • Brian Kelly, Founder and Principal at AnalyticsFirst
  • Stela Lupushor, Director - Workforce Analytics at a large financial firm

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