LION Intelligent Learning and Optimization News

LION intelligent learning and optimization adds full support for Java packages, new visualization neatly explains overfitting, and get "The LION way" book on Kindle (free if you qualify).

By Roberto Battiti , LIONlab director, Nov 2014

News about LION-related activities in November

1. LIONoso orchestrates Java packages.

After adding support for the R language in the previous month, the flexibility to add and orchestrate components in different languages continues with full support for JAVA packages (JAR) . Integrating external models and data sources within the LIONoso workflow is a way to develop complex applications with limited effort and extremely rapid prototyping.

2. Visualizing overfitting helps to understand that machine learning is not the end, but the mean to reach generalization when new cases are considered (prepared for the "Learning from data" course by our colleague and friend Yaser Abu-Mostafa ).

LION Visualization Overfitting

3. Things to do if you visit us in Trentino (after some physical preparation) - a fantastic video of speed-flying through the Alps

4. The LION way book participates in the KDP Select and Kindle MatchBook programs (if you qualify, the digital version is for free).