MLconf: Today’s Adventures in Applied Machine Learning, San Francisco, Nov 14

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Today's adventures in applied Machine Learning

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by Nikolaos Vasiloglou, Technical Committee Chair, MLConf, Nov 2014.

Machine Learning is changing the way businesses operate today, the same way that databases changed the corporate world more than 30 years ago. There are currently many prestigious conferences in the space, including: KDD, NIPS and ICML that cover recent inventions in machine learning. Although information is readily available, time constraints prohibit busy data scientists from staying current with the various advances in ML. Even if somebody manages to attend all the sessions or go through all the proceedings, it is impossible to implement and discover the algorithms and business processes that really work and fit your needs.

This is the gap that MLconf is here to bridge. MLconf speakers come from top machine learning companies and share their experience from use cases and distilled knowledge of solutions to real machine learning problems. MLconf talks cover useful information such as: how Google is mining time series, how Yahoo is mining infinite streams of email data, which algorithms Twitter and Netflix are using for recommendations, or what type of data advertisers find useful for targeting. Apart from big established companies, MLconf hosts smaller startups that innovate in the ML space, attacking non-traditional high tech domains, like law and energy or developing new machine learning platforms and tools that are in great demand. At last, every MLconf always includes pioneers from research labs and universities that present the future of Machine Learning.

Although it is possible to fathom the the ML trends by reading blogs, articles or watching videos on the web from the MLconf speaker roster, attending MLconf offers you the opportunity to network with the speakers and a crowd of 300+ data scientists, business executives, engineers and grad students that deal with machine learning in their everyday life. All of that happening in a nice environment, with plenty of coffee, food, and about 70 titles of machine learning books to browse.

So, whether you are a busy professional or a student who wants to find out about Today's adventures in applied Machine Learning, it is worth investing a day for broadening your horizons in ML by attending MLconf in the city near you.

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