2015 RecSys Challenge: predicting online purchases from clicks

ACM RecSys 2015 poses the 2015 RecSys Challenge, seeking researchers interested in prediction of purchases and clicks from online users using a dataset provided by a large European retailer.

YooChoose2015 RecSys Challenge
in conjunction with ACM RecSys 2015.

The challenge is about predicting the items that a user will buy given a sequence of clicks he performed within an online shop. It is a real-world problem, and the dataset is coming from a big retailer in Europe. It is an opportunity to prove that you can deal with a large scaled and heterogeneous noisy data set and two fold recommendation prediction.

All the information, such as downloading the dataset and submitting the solution, is available at the challenge website: http://recsys.yoochoose.net.

The challenge is managed and hosted by YooChoose GmbH.

We encourage all, industry and academia members, to participate in the challenge and submit solutions. Money prizes are set and publication of selected and winning solutions is guaranteed.

We looking forward to seeing your team score in the leaderboard.

Good Luck,
YooChoose Team,
2015 RecSys Challenge Organizers