Analyze And Visualize Chatter from Nigeria Elections 2015

A visual listening open data platform helps to see the chatter around upcoming Nigeria 2015 election – facts, ideas, topics, issues, statistics, queries – in a bare minimum of words and beautiful imagery.

By Blaise Aboh (Bizinvent), Dec 2014

Nigeria's presidential elections coming up in February 2015 is one of the most talked about topic today in thousands of tiny chatter across the media and social media platforms, the data lake created by this topic is overwhelming and the stats are continuously increasing, grossing millions of impressions.

Nigerians at home and in diaspora are communicating like never before, ranting and sharing their opinions about the elections, its major players, and most of all their choice and the changes they need.

Interestingly, the world at large has tuned in, and is listening and for this reason Bizinvent created Nigeriaelections2015 website, a visual listening open data platform aimed at visualizing information – facts, ideas, topics, issues, statistics, queries available in volumes, velocity, veracity and variety – all to a bare minimum of words and very beautiful imagery.

The idea is for the designed information to aid us understand the elections, cutting through the noise and revealing the hidden connections, patterns and the ordinary Nigerian citizen's dilemma underneath it all which in turn would lead to necessary implementation and transformation after all we all know a well informed electorate is a prerequisite for democracy.

Today, images have surpassed text as the preferred currency in social conversations and for this reason the platform was created, to smartly accumulate, assemble, manage, present, analyze and visualize data from thousands of these tiny stories and chatter about the Nigerians elections out there overtly fueling and engaging the social ecosystem in ways never seen before.

Nigeria Elections 2015

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