If programming languages were vehicles, what would be R, Python, SAS, and SQL?

We expand on the idea "If programming languages were vehicles" and examine what would be the main languages for data science: R, Python, SAS, and SQL?

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets, Dec 6, 2014.

I recently read (and tweeted) a funny post

which compared languages and cars. It suggested that
  • C would be a Jeep - a great all-arounder: compact, powerful, goes everywhere, and reliable in situations where your life depends on it.
  • C++ (see above) is the new C - twice the power, twice the size, works in hostile environments, and if you try to use it without care and special training you will probably crash.
  • Python would be a family sedan - great for everyday tasks: easy to drive, versatile, comes with all the conveniences built in.


Continuing along this line of thought, what would be the main Data Science Languages: R, Python, SAS, and SQL?

I can think of R as a flying car - very powerful, but only experts can handle it.

Flying Car

SQL, born in 1970s, would be a classic 1970-s Ford Mustang. No modern gizmos, but still fast and reliable, if properly maintained.

Mustang Sports Car

SAS may be a corporate luxury car - perhaps a Lincoln Continental or Mercedes. Great car, but expensive.

Lincoln Continental

What would be your nominations for languages as cars? And if SQL is a Mustang, what then is NoSQL?