IIA 2015 Analytics Predictions

Highlights and discussion from IIA 2015 Analytics Predictions webinar, including Storytelling will be the hot new job in analytics; companies double investment in generating NEW and UNIQUE data, and how does one become an expert if entry-level work is automated?

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets, Dec 11, 2014.

On Dec 10, 2014 I attended the 2015 Analytics Predictions Webinar by IIA International Institute of Analytics (IIA), with IIA Co-Founders Thomas H. Davenport and Jack Phillips, and Faculty Members Robert Morison, Bill Franks and Mike Lampa.

The poll conducted before #2015Analytics webinar had 26% of organizations say their analytics maturity is high, 47% medium, 11% dont know.

The IIA Panelists evaluated their 2014 predictions made a year ago

IIA Predictions for 2014, evaluated

and found that they were mostly right on predictions 1-6, except that use of facial recognition technology is not mainstream yet. The last 3 predictions (nos. 7-9) were judged as stay tuned.

Here are the tweets from @kdnuggets and others under #2015Analytics hashtag.

The predictions for 2015 were divided into 4 categories.

Category 1. Talent and Organization

Prediction 1:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 1 from @tdav: Orgs will clarify CAO and CDO roles, how they fit into their overall structure
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics predictions Tom Davenport @tdav says: CAO is more about "offense", CDO is more about "defense" - orgs need both @IIAnalytics

Prediction 2 generated the most discussion:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 2: Storytelling will be the hot new job in #analytics
  • Rebecca Frank @frankrebecca: RT @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @iianalytics prediction 2: Storytelling will be the hot new job in #analytics // I hope so!
  • Taylar Kobylas @TaylarAnne: As a collaborative communicator and data analyst, it is encouraging to hear that storytelling will be a hot new job regarding #2015analytics
  • Richard R. Lee @InfoMgmtExec: Growth opportunity for Bullshit Artists. @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics P2: Storytelling will be the hot new job in #analytics
  • Lisa Kart @Kart_Lisa: @iianalytics @kdnuggets Check out @beyondcoreinc - They are already automating storytelling from data & analytics. #2015Analytics
  • SAP Analytics @SAPAnalytics: RT @timoelliott RT @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 2: Storytelling will be the hot new job in #analytics
  • INFORMS @INFORMS: RT @agrobins: I agree! @INFORMS @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @iianalytics prediction 2: Storytelling will be the hot new job in #analytics
  • Anne G. Robinson @agrobins: I agree! @informs @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 2: Storytelling will be the hot new job in #analytics
  • Chris Johannessen @measurefuture: MT @TaylarAnne It is encouraging to hear that #storytelling will be a hot #2015analytics job #dataviz #measure #analytics
  • Gregory Piatetsky @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics: storytelling may become a hot new #DataScience #Analytics job, but will it be automated?

Category 2: Applied Analytics

Prediction 3:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 3: Ensemble methods for analytical models will grow in popularity
  • @kdnuggets: Re #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 3 - already here - Ensemble methods are already very popular, winning competitions for years

Prediction 4:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 4: The application of #analytics for integrated #security breach prevention will be a top priority
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics: The most serious cyber threats are from slow, deliberate probes; #BigData analytics is a 1st line of defense
  • Taylar Kobylas @TaylarAnne: Next generation of security tech will use text mining and natural language processing to guard protected data and information #2015analytics

Prediction 5:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 5: we will see the emergence of "The #Analytics of Things" , on top of #InternetOfThings #IoT

Category 3: Data and Tech

Prediction 6:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 6: Companies will ~double their investment in generating NEW and UNIQUE data #BigData
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 6: example: a winery generates new data about consumers, and tastes of wine critics
  • Taylar Kobylas @TaylarAnne: #2015Analytics: Companies to double investments generating new and unique data. It's already happening, especially in #socialmedia.
  • Chris Johannessen @measurefuture: #2015Analytics Prediction 6: Companies Will Double Investments in generating NEW + UNIQUE data; see #MarTech #TMS #measure cc: @chiefmartec

Prediction 7:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 7: #Hadoop will go mainstream #BigData
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics: #Hadoop becoming mainstream, but not replacing enterprises data warehouses #EDW

Category 4: Business Impact

Prediction 8:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 8: #Privacy will spark tools/services to let consumers find how their data is shared, at what price
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 8 modified: the amount of talk about #Privacy will double, action less likely
  • Richard R. Lee @InfoMgmtExec: An extremely cynical view of #Privacy @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics P8: amount of talk about #Privacy 2x, but action less likely

Prediction 9:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 9: Analytics, Machine Learning, cognitive computing will be taking over the jobs of knowledge workers

Prediction 10:
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics: time to start thinking how #AI, #MachineLearning machines can augment knowledge workers, not replace them
  • @kdnuggets: Great question: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics: how does one become an expert in X if all entry-level work in X is done by machines?
  • @kdnuggets: #2015Analytics @IIAnalytics prediction 10: Automated decision-making will come of age in 2015

This prediction raised the most serious question - if decisions are becoming automated, how do people keep expertise?

How does a person become an expert in any field, if all entry-level work is done by machines?

Below is a snapshot ofe IIA predictions for 2015 You can also
IIA Predictions for 2015

What are your 2015 predictions for Analytics?