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November 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining Acquisitions and Startups Activity

November 2014 acquisitions, startups, and company activity in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science: Target buys Powered Analytics, Ve buys qunb, Sentient raises 100M+, Galvanize buys Zipfian Academy, Intel backs 16 startups.

By Gregory Piatetsky, Nov 8, 2014.

My monthly summary of the company, startup, and acquisition activity for November 2014 from @kdnuggets. See the latest under hashtag #BigDataCo.

July 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Science company and startup activity

Here are KDnuggets tweets
  • Nov 29: New Relic, software analytics firm, making cloud app performance & BI solutions, files for IPO as $NEWR #BigDataCo t.co/knD5YW3aUs
  • Nov 29: Sentrian (San Diego), raises $12M, uses Patient Intelligence to eliminate Preventable Hospitalization #BigDataCo t.co/3cP9oDag7C
  • Nov 29: Primary Data, a data virtualisation startup, has Apple Co-founder @SteveWoz as Chief Scientist #BigDataCo t.co/zfwCbk3rwr
  • Nov 29: Target buys Pittsburgh-based Powered Analytics, makers of an in-store personalization/recomm platform #BigDataCo t.co/ieaaXVet1P
  • Nov 29: AppDirect buys business analytics platform Leftronic, to put its cloud services on one dashboard #BigDataCo t.co/yByEp1gkZW
  • Nov 29: Ve, UK-founded ecommerce conversion company, buys French data science company qunb #BigDataCo t.co/RjQ9kpWZNX
  • Nov 29: Truven Health Analytics (Ann Arbor) buys Heartbeat Experts #HealthCare #BigDataCo t.co/55uU0FlTBg
  • Nov 29: Intersec, French #BigData Mobile #Analytics firm, gets $20M to expand to US, improve its software #BigDataCo t.co/0CLWr5QkyB
  • Nov 26: Microsoft buys #MachineLearning security company Aorato, which analyzes network patterns, finds anomalies #BigDataCo t.co/FYu6TJA6MK
  • Nov 26: Rival IQ, Seattle-based digital marketing analytics firm, gets nearly $1M #BigDataCo t.co/hIFd5zEx1j
  • Nov 26: Mirador Financial, a Portland fintech startup, gets another $1M for better loan evaluations #BigDataCo t.co/tFcczu2BRC
  • Nov 25: Aureus Analytics, Singapore #BigData startup, raises $850K in angel funding #BigDataCo t.co/OxuDYC4USu
  • Nov 24: Kensho, a Cambridge, MA startup developing intelligent #BigData mining bots, gets $15M from Goldman Sachs #BigDataCo t.co/SWCaNSPcKF
  • Nov 24: Sentient Technologies, making massively scaled #AI, initial focus on trading/medicine, raised $103.5M #BigDataCo t.co/LLOoBvk4pP
  • Nov 22: Equifax India buys Bangalore analytics firm NettPositive #BigDataCo t.co/cMRBWvdfgJ
  • Nov 21: Galvanize, provider of software-dev education, buys Zipfian Academy, a data-science boot camp in SF #BigDataCo t.co/5Cw9GXqnET
  • Nov 20: Graham Media Group (Chicago) buys Social Media Management Startup SocialNewsDesk #BigDataCo t.co/xgdYpWrp8q
  • Nov 20: FiscalNote, predicts fate of bills in Congress, gets $7M from Winklevoss, Singapore wealth fund #BigDataCo t.co/1oduu3khpm
  • Nov 18: InsightSquared, Cambridge, MA startup, gets $13.5M series C to continue growing its #BI platform #BigDataCo t.co/s3Sae3k96X
  • Nov 18: Groupon buys Swarm Mobile, In-Store Analytics & Marketing Startup #BigDataCo t.co/3tnhJ63fiA
  • Nov 18: #BigData stops Maritime Pirates from space, with Spire satellites #BigDataCo t.co/4OKtUJAvKA
  • Nov 17: Scaled Inference gets $8M from Khosla to build a Cloud-Based #AI Platform for all #BigDataCo t.co/WTqJb7AaYX
  • Nov 17: Vero Analytics gets $550K seed round to simplify prep work for visualizing data #BigDataCo t.co/ljdHuJwnvj
  • Nov 17: Hortonworks, a top player in Hadoop #BigData market, gets ready for IPO #BigDataCo t.co/CYWmyqyhKC
  • Nov 17: indico, Olin College startup, gets $3M to build an easy-to-use environment for #MachineLearning #Boston #BigDataCo t.co/ntsBEwsiOR
  • Nov 14: Farm #Startup Seeks to #Profit from Harvesting #BigData - Corporate Intelligence t.co/BvunBYJhC0 #BigDataCo http://t.co/MiPqSX8YhT
  • Nov 14: #Capgemini Launches Anomalous #BehaviorDetection with #Pivotal t.co/NJXrCirv7z #Threats #BigData #Security #BigDataCo
  • Nov 11: Prelert (Framingham) closes $7.5M round from Intel, others - offers to find real-time insights #BigDataCo t.co/4BGoEAY0sB
  • Nov 11: New software can help predict when you'll quit your #job t.co/gfnmcqsbez #Prediction #Analytics #BigDataCo http://t.co/bIs0RkaDvq
  • Nov 10: Highspot Secures $9.6 Million Series A Investment Round Led by Madrona Venture Group t.co/PELXOSEKk3 #BigData #BigDataCo #Funding
  • Nov 10: Mojio: #BigData on vehicles plus an open platform #IoT analytic #apps t.co/D2RUkEiJhn #BigDataCo #Automobile http://t.co/7ngbtrrLm9
  • Nov 09: 0xdata takes $8.9M, becomes H2O to match its open-source #MachineLearning project #BigDataCo t.co/wxR4iQEZaQ
  • Nov 06: Randstad VC Fund Has $60M To Invest In HR Tech Startups Showing Early Traction #BigDataCo t.co/GvPOrgnsSW
  • Nov 06: Truven Health Analytics (Ann Arbor) buys JW/A consulting to improve healthcare analytics, data solutions #BigDataCo t.co/1KtE5jmx3w
  • Nov 05: DeltaDNA raises $3M for its game analytics and personalization platform #BigDataCo t.co/5OPWrwxuVL
  • Nov 05: SlamData lets analysts easily run SQL queries, build reports directly on data stored in MongoDB #BigDataCo t.co/V00OaNTqYI
  • Nov 04: Intel backs 16 startups with $62M, including #BigData firms #BigDataCo INRIX, Incoming Media, Prelert t.co/YgQhPNr60f
  • Nov 02: #BigData Startups News from @gilpress: Funding & Acquisitions July - Sep 2014 #BigDataCo t.co/Zn51oedEUm

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