Research Challenge: 2015 ACM India SIGKDD Conference on Data Sciences

For the 2015 ACM India SIGKDD challenge data scientists are tasked with using social media and traffic data in the form of text, images, and video to track traffic movement in an effort to improve traffic management. Jan 15 Deadline.

IKDDCODS 2015 Research Challenge

A City Traffic Dashboard based on Social Network Data

About the Challenge:

Imagine Indian Government has made you responsible for leveraging Internet and Social Media portals for better monitoring and management of traffic in Indian cities. You know that the popular social network portals are daily fraught with traffic issues from Indian roads in the form of text, image and video. Further, city traffic authorities have started to feed into these portals furnishing them with information about traffic movement (or the lack of that). However these desperate pieces of information spanning over timelines of innumerable Indian commuters have not been harnessed to the effective monitoring and management of traffic.

You would like to design an application which can give real insights from the fast flowing streaming data on these platforms - what is working good and what is not; which areas are facing severe traffic problems; what are the most pressing traffic related problems citizens in different cities are complaining about (e.g. wrong_parking, heavy_vehicles, auto_refusal etc.); how things have changed after additional traffic management people have been introduced across cities last month and so on. A city-based as well as a national interactive dashboard with great visualization would help you to easily interact with the data. It will enable you to get views at different levels upto actual text/image/video as well as temporal analysis of data.

The CODS 2015 Research Challenge is giving you an opportunity to design and develop innovative software application (or dashboard) for city traffic management using publicly available social network data.

Technical Task:

Design and develop a software application (or dashboard) for analysing, monitoring and comparing traffic issues in different Indian cities based on relevant interactions on Internet based social network portals. Unlike common data analysis challenges, this is an open ended and exploratory task.


Given the exploratory nature of this challenge we are fine with the participants to decide and use any relevant social network portals as their data source(s). At the minimum, they need to use the Facebook pages of Traffic Authorities of following cities - the posts (and other details) from these pages can be crawled using Facebook Graph API

Participants are free to include any publicly accessible information of the following nature.

  • Traffic Authorities Facebook pages of other Indian cities.
  • Information from timeline (newsfeed, profile etc.) of relevant public or private organizations in any social network portal including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Relevant posts (messages, photos, videos etc.) by individuals on any social network portal.
  • Related information such as news articles, weather data, population data, vehicle data etc.


  • Only publicly available data can be used and should be cited in the submissions. No proprietary data source which does not offer free access to all can be used.
  • Participants have to develop the software applications entirely by themselves. They can use open-source software packages with appropriate citations in their submissions.
  • Each group cannot have more than 4-members who do not necessarily have to be from the same organization/institution.

Interested participants are encouraged to get started immediately –

First deadline is 15 Jan, 2015: Each team has to submit a plain-text abstract of length less than 500 words describing their application, features and data sources used.

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