Sisense 2015 predictions for BI, Big Data

Mobile devices, text analytics, Google Glass, and data intelligence will be key to the evolution of business intelligence in 2015 according to Adi Azaria and Eldad Farkash of SiSense.

2015 Predictions from Adi Azaria, co-founder, Sisense

Mobile will force a fundamental change in the approach to BI

Mobile AnalyticsWhen it comes to mobile BI, adoption has been shockingly poor because it doesn’t usually work well with mobile devices. You can’t read data in depth on a mobile device, but rather you need to get to the point quickly. With everything shifting to mobile, the approach to BI will change. Rather than elaborate visualizations, you will see hard numbers, simple graphs and conclusions. For instance, with wearable devices, you might look at an employee and quickly see the KPI (key performance indicator). The BI game is about to change — primed to go mobile this year.

Text analysis will take on a central role Unstructured data has posed many obstacles in the past, but will come into its own in 2015. Text analysis will gain increasing traction, with web data, documents and images, with companies finally able to tackle unstructured data in meaningful ways.

Impact on BI as Google Glass Goes Pro google-glass-250While Google Glass has not been embraced by the consumer market, it is starting to find a home with business applications for the technology. Police arresting suspects might have ID information projected in real-time or doctors might utilize it to review their pre-surgical checklist.  This will have ripple effects in the BI world, as an increasing number of professionals will require key data points presented to them in short precise summaries, as opposed to lengthy analyses and dashboards chock full of statistics.

2015 Prediction from Eldad Farkash, co-founder and CTO, Sisense

The term “Business Intelligence” will morph into “Data Intelligence”

BI will finally evolve from being a reporting tool into data intelligence that every entity from governments to cities to individuals will use to prevent traffic, detect fraud, track diseases, manage personal health and even notify you when your favorite fruit has arrived at your local market. We will see the consumerization of BI where it will extend beyond the business world and become intricately woven into our everyday lives directly impacting the decisions we make.

ABOUT SISENSE: Sisense is a full-stack Business Intelligence and Analytics software that enables non-technical business users to join multiple large data sets, build smart dashboards with great data visualizations, and share with thousands of users.