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Courses, Events

  • CUNY Online MS in Data Analytics - Jan 7, 2014.
    CUNY SPS offers a fully online and affordable MS in Data Analytics that prepares graduates to manage and analyze Big Data. Learn more in Jan 14 info session.



Academic/Research positions


  • UMich Competition graduate students / post docs using SEARCH - Dec 19, 2013.
    SEARCH is a statistical technique for understanding complex interactions among explanatory variables in describing a wide variety of phenomena. Awards for US grad students/postdocs trying to understand complex interactions in large databases.


  • IEEE Rock Stars of Big Data Presentations - Jan 7, 2014.
    This event, held at the Computer History Museum in Oct 2013, attracted a sold-out crowd who listened to 9 excellent speakers and leaders in the field - here are the presentations.
  • Alpine Data Labs 2014 Predictions - Dec 27, 2013.
    Data science is permeating every facet of our daily lives - from our culture to our classrooms. Look for data science to make an even greater impact in 2014.
  • Highlights of Data Marketing 2013 Conference in Toronto - Dec 26, 2013.
    Key themes were: Customer Obsessed Marketer, Segment of One, SoLoMo (Social, Local and Mobile), and Big Data - actionable insights and decision making.
  • AnalyticsWeek 200 Thought Leaders in Big Data and Analytics - Dec 24, 2013.
    AnalyticsWeek produces the list of 200 Thought Leaders on Tweeter in Big Data and Analytics, which includes the usual suspects but also new names.
  • New book: Data Mining Applications with R - Dec 23, 2013.
    Covers 15 real-world applications on data mining with R, including R code and data, covering business background and problems, data extraction and exploration, data preprocessing, modeling, model evaluation, findings and model deployment.
  • Vasant Dhar on "Data Science and Prediction" (c comments) - Dec 21, 2013.
    What does "Data Science" and #BigData mean? Is there something unique about it? What skills do "data scientists" need to be productive in a world deluged by data? What are the implications for scientific inquiry?
  • FICO Lessons in Developing, Applying Decision Modelling Methods - Dec 21, 2013.
    Analytically sophisticated businesses combine predictive analytics and decision models with optimization to solve complex problems and achieve good results. Top FICO expert explains.

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My current visualization of Data Science is a train that is going 99% faster than the rails can support. Mark Biernbaum post on KDnuggets.