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  • CMSR Data Miner and Rule-Engine Software Suite - free academic use - Feb 4, 2014.
    CMSR - Cramer Modeling, Segmentation and Rules - is data miner and rule-engine suite having rule-engines as a unique feature. Rule-engines provide rule-based predictive model evaluation.
  • AltaPlana 2014 Text Analytics Market Study - Jan 31, 2014..
    KDnuggets, a media sponsor of a 2014 text-analytics market study conducted by leading industry analyst Seth Grimes, invites all text analytics users to take part in this survey. Please respond by Feb 21.
  • Statwing, Modern Data Analysis Software - Jan 30, 2014..
    Every decision maker in the organization needs to be capable of analyzing data, but most tools require a lot of mundane and time-consuming data cleaning. Statwing solves that problem and lets you focus on data analysis.
  • Linkurious: Explore and Visualize Graph Data - Jan 22, 2014.
    Linkurious is designed to handle big data and be easy to use; it is focused on local exploration - search any information within a graph and start exploring the connections from this point.


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  • Viewpoint: Statistical Data Science, The Data Analysis Side - Feb 4, 2014..
    There is no way a term like 'Data Science' be interpreted without including data analysis and statistics. The statistics toolbox is a large irreplaceable part of the lingua franca of science.
  • Determining the Value of Insights - Jan 30, 2014..
    With the value of Consumer Insights being questioned to justify ROI, the Market Research professionals need to figure out ways to quantify the value of those insights. Determining the value of insights is no easy task and requires focus on three key components.
  • 10 New Year resolutions for CIOs who want to take the Big Data plunge in 2014 - Jan 28, 2014.
    The Big Data hype is everywhere, but many CIOs aren’t sure how to take their first steps toward adopting Big Data. Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions for CIOs who want to take the Big Data plunge in 2014.
  • Using Data Mining to Predict the Winter Olympics Medal Counts in Sochi - Jan 25, 2014.
    Could data mining techniques accurately predict the medal counts at the Olympics? A predictive model could give us an estimate of the number of medals each nation might win; but how close could we get to the actual outcomes? It was a tantalizing project.
  • To Fit or Not to Fit Data to a Model - Jan 23, 2014.
    What if Shakespeare was a data scientist? Today's big data necessitates - Let the data define the model.
  • Big Data for Business Managers - Jan 23, 2014.
    Why do Big Data projects fail to deliver the promised value, that too despite the "clearly" established potential? What should business managers do to avoid the media hype and focus on achieving sustainable benefits from big data investments?
  • New Book on Realtime Analytics and Recommendation Engines - Jan 23, 2014.
    The book covers realtime analytics and its application to recommendation engines from a control-theoretic perspective.

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  • January Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining companies and startups activity - Feb 3, 2014.
    January 2014 acquisitions, startups, and company activity in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science: Avigilon, TaKaDu, Nest, Path, EagleView, FirstFuel, API Healthcare, Kana Software, ImgUR, IMS Health.
  • SAS surpasses 3 billion in 2013 revenue - Jan 27, 2014.
    The growth reflects strong sales of SAS Visual Analytics, anti-fraud solutions (44%), cloud computing (20%), data management and certain industry-specific applications (16-18%). For every one of its 38 years, SAS has grown revenue and shown a profit.
  • Clustify 4.0 adds Real-Time Predictive Coding - Jan 22, 2014.
    Clustify updates the predicted relevance scores for the entire document population each time a document is categorized, showing the impact on the progress pie and the precision-recall curve instantly.

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Let's be inspired by nature, but not too much (not emulate her blindly), Yann Lecun, MA Ranzato, Tutorial on Deep Learning, commenting on why airplanes don't flap their wings.