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KDnuggets™ News 14:n33, Dec 10

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  • Lexalytics: Stop ignoring your text data - Dec 9, 2014.
    Have a bunch of open-ended questions that need analyzing? Curious about social media? Want to track online reviews? Try Lexalytics Semantria Web Service - first 20k documents analyzed free.
  • Mode Playbook for Open Source Analytics - Dec 5, 2014.
    Mode Analytics is open-sourcing their internal analysis and data visualizations which can be tailored to common data structures in SQL databases.
  • SlamData Open Source Analytics Tool for MongoDB - Dec 4, 2014.
    SlamData is an open source SQL-based tool designed to make accessing data in MongoDB easy for developers and non-developers alike with the goal of making application intelligence easier.


  • Tableau Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence for 2015 - Dec 6, 2014.
    Tableau Software presents its top 10 trends in business intelligence in 2015, including transformed data governance, improved social intelligence, and organizational analytics.
  • Sisense 2015 predictions for BI, Big Data - Dec 3, 2014.
    Mobile devices, text analytics, Google Glass, and data intelligence will be key to the evolution of business intelligence in 2015 according to Adi Azaria and Eldad Farkash of SiSense.
  • Data Scientist: Owning Up to the Title - Dec 5, 2014.
    Regardless of how Data Science or Data Scientist is defined, if you are going to use the word "scientist" in your title, you are going to be held accountable for it.



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  • PAW: Unwrap Holiday Cheer for Big Data - Dec 9, 2014.
    Get super early bird pricing for PAW and TAW conferences in San Francisco, March 2015, get expert insights at PAW Business, cutting edge keynotes at PAW workforce and more.


  • Clear Capital: Data Scientist - Dec 8, 2014.
    Your role as the data scientist is a hybrid role that can solve client problems that are ambiguous, seemingly impossible yet in your reach.
  • Apple: Text Mining Analyst, Retail - Online - Dec 7, 2014.
    Design, develop, and field unstructured data analyses that have direct and measurable impact to the management of the Apple Online and Retail Stores.
  • Apple: Senior Data Scientist, Retail - Online - Dec 7, 2014.
    Design, develop, and field analyses that have direct and measurable impact to the management of the Apple Online and Retail Stores.
  • Dstillery: Data Scientist - Dec 4, 2014.
    Dstillery is a tech pioneer that uses sophisticated analytics and data-based insights to help advertisers realize the potential of digital media.

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Top Tweets

  • Top KDnuggets tweets last week, Dec 1-7 - Dec 8, 2014.
    Hilarious! If programming languages were vehicles;
    Data Scientists who know #BigData tools have the highest salaries;
    How Google "Translates" Pictures Into Words Using #DeepLearning;
    Scary! Change in temperature in Netherlands over the last century.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Dec 3-4 - Dec 5, 2014.
    Data Science Ontology, visualized;
    Holiday Gift Ideas for the Data & Statistically Interested;
    Google funds "Automatic Statistician" project;
    Nice Tutorial for R learners.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Dec 1-2 - Dec 3, 2014.
    Hilarious: If programming languages were vehicles;
    How Google "Translates" Pictures Into Words Using #DeepLearning, #BigData;
    Change in temperature in Netherlands over the last century;
    Forbes 50 Most Innovative Companies 3x more likely to use #BigData Analytics.

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"I think the success of deep learning gives a lot of credibility to the idea that we learn multiple layers of distributed representations using stochastic gradient descent. However, I think we are probably a long way from understanding how the brain does this." Geoff Hinton, Geoff Hinton AMA: Neural Networks, the Brain, and Machine Learning

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