10 Big Data Experts to Know

High-power executives, experts, and entrepreneurs shape the future of the big data market, making them necessary knowledge for anyone in the know in the industry.

information management logo Which executives, entrepreneurs and experts are shaping the Big Data market? Information Management tracks the names and personalities you need to know.

1. Cathy Doss, World’s First Chief Data Officer

Cathryne Clay Doss is known as the world’s first chief data officer – she was named to that post at Capital One in 2003. Gradually, more financial institutions added CDOs to their executive ranks, and the position gained stature in other verticals as well. She has since held data-related executive positions at Equifax and Fannie Mae, while also building her own business – called Mother of Six LLC.

2. Ali Farahani, CDO for Los Angeles County

Under Farahani’s leadership, Los Angeles County is developing a data management initiative that spans big data, analytics, and a push away from siloed data environments. He has held IT-related positions for Los Angeles County since 1989, rising to the CDO post in August 2012.

3. Amy O'Connor, Big Data Evangelist, Cloudera

Amy O’Connor is a technical evangelist for Big Data solutions at Cloudera – one of the leading Apache Hadoop providers. Previously, she led the Big Data group at Nokia, and prior to that she was VP of services marketing at Sun Microsystems. Although Big Data is serious business, O’Connor keeps it real – describing herself as “a geek in high heels.”

4. Steve Hirsch, Chief Data Officer, Intercontinental Exchange Group/NYSE

Steve Hirsch co-founded the NYSE Big Data software team, which is focused on developing and commercializing a tool set (Pivotal Data Dispatch) built to run the exchange’s data environment. As part of the senior technical team, he now leads a team of 150+ people who drive Data Architecture, Database Development, Data Operations, Storage and Automation, supporting Data Products, Analytics, Data Warehousing and Transaction platforms.

5. Cortnie Abercrombie, Big Data and Analytics Emerging Roles Leader, IBM

Cortnie Abercrombie is the Emerging Roles Leader for Big Data & Analytics at IBM. Her career has focused on inspiring and inciting innovation and action using data and analytics at a multitude of companies and industries including: Verizon, Citi, NTT and IBM. Now at IBM, she is an advocate and evangelist of Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers and Chief Data Scientists.

6. Rick Kochhar, Chief Data Officer, TD Bank

Rick Kochhar and his team are accountable for delivering a unified approach for TD Bank’s Business Segments and Corporate Functions. The overall goals are to leverage data as an enterprise asset; enable legendary customer, client, and employee experiences; and ensure continuation of a robust record of regulatory compliance.

7. Jennifer Ippoliti, CDO, Raymond James Financial

Jennifer Ippoliti has more than 25 years of data management experience in financial services and capital markets, working with corporate and investment banks, brokerages, exchanges, hedge funds, ECNs, and data vendors. She was founder of Wipro's Global Data Management practice, and a founding member of Accenture’s Global Data Management practice. Now, she’s leveraging all of those skills as Chief Data Officer for Raymond James Financial.

8. John Schroeder, CEO, MapR

John Schroeder has served as MapR’s CEO and chairman since founding the company in 2009. Over the past five years, has has built MapR into one of the best-known providers of Apache Hadoop solutions. Previously, he was CEO of Calista Technologies (now Microsoft), CEO of Rainfinity (now EMC), and also held executive positions at Brio Technologies and Compuware.

9. Heather Wilson, Chief Data Officer, AIG

What are the keys to success for a Big Data pilot program? “It’s critical to be the queen (or king) of communication,” AIG Chief Data Officer Heather Wilson told McKinsey & Co. in 2014. “You have to spend the time to make sure people know where you are and where you’re going with new data capabilities. To do this, you need to have a whole communication strategy. I talk to our executive sponsors monthly, and oftentimes every couple of weeks, to ensure they understand the pilot status. They have to understand what is in the pilot and how it affects their business unit. They are the owners of the pilots, so it is essential to communicate the entire life cycle of the project. Additionally, we created metrics with our executive sponsors to baseline our efforts.”

Wilson previously was Chief Data Officer at Citigroup as well as the Global Head of Decision Sciences and the Head of Big Data analytics.

10. Eric Baldeschwieler, Founding CEO of Hortonworks

Eric Baldeschwieler exited Hortonworks in August 2013, but his impact on the Big Data market remains legendary. In mid-2005, Eric was at Yahoo – where he “assembled engineers to solve a really hard problem: store and process the data on the Internet in a simple, scalable and economically feasible way. Those were humble beginnings for an open source technology, namely Apache Hadoop.” Fast-forward to the present, and Hadoop is one of the most important technologies within the Big Data revolution. Plus, Hortonworks has gone public.

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