Agnik Connected Insurance Program powered by Vehicle Analytics

Car owners can save up to 20% with Connected Insurance Program with participating insurance carriers by opting in after driving for least 50 miles with an Agnik connected car product.

January 05, 2015, BALTIMORE, MD.

AgnikAgnik, the leading data analytics company for connected cars, today announced its Connected Insurance Program supported by nineteen major insurance carriers.

This program will be available through Agnik's consumer facing connected car products such as Vyncs for aftermarket vehicle-onboard devices, apps driven by Agnik's smartphone-only data analytic engines, and automotive OEM head-unit integrated solutions. All consumer facing third-party products supported by Agnik will also be eligible for this new program.

Agnik Connected Insurance Car owners can sign up for Agnik's Connected Insurance Program with any of the participating insurance carriers by opting in after driving for at least 50 miles with an Agnik connected car product. After that, the participating insurance carriers will send the car owner a quote for the insurance policy, and the car owner will select the offer that he or she likes the most. Typically, an average consumer can save up to 20% on his or her annual auto insurance policy, which could amount to hundreds of dollars of savings per year. Savings may vary for each user. Car owners may also be eligible for Agnik Reward Points program depending upon their continuing driving behavior. Users will be able to enjoy wide range of benefits using the Agnik Reward Points.

"Agnik is pleased to announce the arrival of the first of its kind Connected Insurance Program, which offers a new way to define the relationship between the insurance and the connected car applications", said Dr. Hillol Kargupta, President of Agnik. This program, along with Agnik's access to large consumer market channels and the ecosystem of products for many connected car verticals, makes the Agnik platform even more attractive.

More information about the Agnik Connected Insurance Program can be found at

About Agnik

Agnik is the market-leading data analytics software company for connected cars and connected life with wide range of telematics products for consumer, fleet, insurance, vehicle-repair-services and automotive OEM markets. Agnik's patent-protected vehicle-onboard and cloud-based vehicle data analytics software is used for the monitoring and benchmarking of vehicle-health, emission, driver-behavior, fuel-consumption from telematics and context data. Agnik's onboard data stream mining software manages many in-vehicle devices that are in the market.