Lityx seeks to align with analytic individuals looking to have their own business

Lityx Analytics Network seeks to bring together experienced analysts and provides the tools and support for them to run their own analytics business.

Lityx Wants YouLityx Analytics Network

We are bringing together experienced analysts and providing the tools and support for them to run their own analytics business. We are calling it the Lityx Analytics Network or LAN for short and will view members of the LAN as extended members of the Lityx team. Lityx is an analytic software company with limited but highly experienced analytic consulting resources and so we are able to offer and support both software subscriptions as well as analytic services.

As we grow we would like to push new analytics work to members of the LAN rather than hire more analytics staff. Our focus is software sales, but we recognize the value and need to support analytic services. Further we can provide the LAN with the same tools that Lityx employees have today including our cloud hosted LityxIQ predictive modeling and optimization platform, an Office365 license, a secure FTP server along with our thought leadership, sales collateral, access to sales staff and our consultants for assistance.

LAN Member Benefits
  • LityxIQ License including Data Manager, InsightIQ, PredictIQ and OptimizeIQ. LityxIQ is a powerful and easy to use cloud based platform where you can do all of your data preparation, run exploratory data analysis, build predictive models and perform constrained optimization.
  • An Office365 account providing you Saas access to the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lync, PowerPivot and PowerMaps. You can easily instant message with other members of the LAN including the Lityx team and take advantage of all the capabilities of these great applications.
  • Microsoft OneDrive account with unlimited backed up cloud storage. You can store all of your working files and datasets here without worry of space limitations or lose of data. You can also use this account to create folders for your clients and share information only they can access.
  • Use of the Lityx FTPS server for secure FTP transmission of files between you and your clients
  • Use of the Lityx sales team to assist in the pursuit of new deals as needed [set commission rates apply]
  • Analytic thought leadership from the Lityx senior management team
  • Lityx and LityxIQ marketing collateral that you can rebrand to your company name
  • Access to analytic resources to assist you on projects as needed [additional costs apply]. You can also reach out to other members of the LAN as they can to you for “overflow” work assistance.
  • Business from Lityx as we grow and have more projects than we can support with our current staffing.
  • Referral revenue from Lityx commissions for leads you refer to Lityx that make us money
  • Reseller revenue from Lityx if you wish to become a reseller of the LityxIQ platform. We can make it available at a significantly discounted price and you keep the difference when you sign-up new subscribers at the list price.

  • $1,500 initial deposit that will be credited back towards the LityxIQ license
  • LityxIQ license length of choice – 1mo | 3mo | 6mo | 12mo . You can license the software only for periods of time where you have a paid project to work on if you wish.
  • A license costs less than $1,000/mo for the 1mo option and is significantly less per month as you increase the license length. Given that a modeling project typically earns at least $5k but more often $10k on up this will pay for itself very quickly and many times over.

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