Learning Data Science and Predictive Modeling at Your Own Pace – A Free Online Video Series

A twenty part video training series on Predictive Modeling, offering the Rapid Insight and the concepts behind the predictive models.

By Caitlin Garrett (Rapid Insight Inc.), Jan 2015.

Predictive Modeling Predictive Modeling Education Online

If you do a search on the terms "Big Data", "Data Science", "Predictive Modeling" or "Predictive Analytics" you will get back millions and millions of hits. The terms, like many other business terms before them, have become commonplace in many strategic discussions. For every organization having those discussions, the level of knowledge and understanding of what exactly "predictive modeling" means is varied.

This all came to light for me last year when I co-hosted an online panel with #emchat, a community of Enrollment Management Professionals. The topic of discussion was the use of predictive modeling in higher education. Everyone in the discussion was curious how they could benefit from it but also many wanted to learn more about exactly what predictive analytics is. The consensus during that discussion was, there was not a great resource to do self-paced learning on predictive modeling.

Out of that, an idea was born, which turned into our new twenty part video training series on Predictive Modeling. Rapid Insight is a predictive analytics software company- one of our biggest selling points is that we make it easy for anyone to do predictive modeling.With that said, we also know that it is still important to understand the concepts behind what goes into a predictive model so when people are using the outputs to make decisions, they are better informed. I liken it to driving a car- technically I don't need to know how to put gas in a car or how to fix a flat a tire or all of the details of how an internal combustion engine works to drive it, but understanding it certainly can enhance my experience.

With predictive modeling, knowing what goes into a model is also important as some of the predictions may be quite different than the conventional wisdom previously used to inform your business decisions. By understanding what is going "under the hood",you will be better able to explain the model's results. Related to this is the broader discussion around the importance of good data and what exactly to do with the predictions. We have tried to cover all of these bases in the video series. There is something for everyone, from those just getting started to the seasoned data scientist.

The videos are designed so you can spend twenty minutes a day watching them and finish them all in a week. If you are more of a binge watcher, you can also get through all of them in one morning. For the hands-on learner who likes to "do" we also have some applied videos where you can get a free copy of our software and follow along.

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Caitlin Garrett, Senior Statistical Analyst Rapid Insight Inc. caitlin.garrett@rapidinsightinc.com