World experts will meet for first Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco, Jan 29-30

The Deep Learning Summit is a unique opportunity to meet influential data scientists, technologists, world-leading researchers, entrepreneurs and data engineers. KDnuggets discount.

Deep Learning Summit, San Francisco, Jan 29-30
Deep Learning Summit

San Francisco
Jan 29-30, 2015.

The Deep Learning Summit is a unique opportunity to meet influential data scientists, technologists, world-leading researchers, entrepreneurs and data engineers all in the same room. Discover how advanced deep learning will impact your business and prepare for the smart artificial intelligence world.

The summit will take place in San Francisco, with 40+ experts discussing Neural Networks, Image Recognition, Language Processing, Advanced Deep Learning Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Computing Systems.

Speakers will include exciting new startups, leading technologists and engineers, and world-class researchers from notable companies and institutions including Google, MIT, Flickr, Emotient, MetaMind, University of Toronto, Sentient, Metaio, Clarifai, Jibo and Stanford.

Sessions and topics at the Deep Learning Summit will include:
  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
  • Challenges, Limitations & New Solutions
  • Building Computers That Understand Speech
  • How Neural Nets Can Leverage Domain-Specific Knowledge in Computer Vision
  • Accurate, Fast & Robust Expression Recognition
  • Google's Large Scale Deep Neural Networks Project
  • Understanding Human Behavior & Emotions as Contextual Items
  • Applications of Deep Learning in Robotics and Neuroscience

The practical applications of deep learning are being found in security, manufacturing, healthcare and language processing, as well as current levels of research in image recognition, text understanding and more. Discussions at the summit will be at the cross section of leading academic research and the start of a new advanced revolution in data science and smart AI to apply DL to solve increasingly complex computational problems.

Confirmed speakers include:

Charles Cadieu, Postdoctoral Researcher at MIT, is an entrepreneur and neuroscientist who brings cutting-edge vision algorithms to market and seeks to increase our knowledge of the human visual system. His neuroscience work covers the full spectrum of visual processing, from low-level image representation through high-level object recognition.

Quoc Le, Research Scientist at Google Brain, works on large scale deep learning. He will discuss his work's breakthroughs in object recognition, speech recognition and language understanding, and how vector representations can be used to solve word analogy or translate unknown words between languages.

Roberto Pieraccini, Director of Advanced Conversational Technologies at Jibo, is a world recognized expert in the fields of speech recognition, natural language, dialog, and human-machine multi-modal interaction.

Dr. Jurgen Sturm heads the machine learning efforts at Metaio GmbH, the world-leading Augmented Reality technology provider. He and his team research deep learning techniques such as random forests to track and augment the human body on camera images.

Richard Socher, Co-Founder and CTO of MetaMind, is interested in developing new deep learning models that learn useful features, capture compositional structure in multiple modalities and perform well across different tasks. His research interests are machine learning for natural language processing and vision.

Dr Simon Osindero, A.I Architect, Flickr, is a pioneer in the field of machine learning and was the co-inventor of deep belief networks whilst researching as a post-doctoral fellow in the Hinton Group at the University of Toronto.

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