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Big Data Innovators Under 35

Young innovators in deep learning, interface design, and data science automation are all included in MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 list.

MIT's Innovators under 35 contains many highly influential young innovators in various technical fields. Here we look at some of those who are innovating in the field of Big Data.

Rand Hindi is the CEO and founder of Snips. His work aims to make city life more frictionless. One example is his partnership with France's railway system, aimed at making travel by train less crowded.
MIT TR profile:

Quoc Le, developed a method for much faster training of Deep Learning Neural networks. His technology was used by Google and sparked a race at Facebook, Microsoft, and other companies to invest in deep-learning research.
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Jinha Lee is an interface designer, exploring innovative ways for people to interact with data. Jinha is currently on leave from his PhD at MIT to direct the Interactive Visualization lab at Samsung.
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Aaron Levie is the cofounder and CEO of Box. He seeks to change the way people work with data by making data access more convenient. Big clients like General Electric serve to validate his vision of the future.
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Michael Schmidt has a vision for the future of data science - a vision of greater automation. His software Eureqa tackles the problem by generalizes laws based on physical observations.
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