Top Analytics and Big Data Trends ahead of Strata Hadoop World San Jose

Top 2015 Analytics and Big Data trends from our readers were Apache Spark, Deep Learning, Real-Time technology, Internet of Things (IoT).

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets, Feb 7, 2015.

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To enter the raffle we asked people to specify 2-3 most interesting trends in Analytics and Big Data in 2015.

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No single trend was dominant, but most common answers were Apache Spark, Deep Learning, Real-Time technology, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Here is a word cloud and selected interesting answers:

Big Data Analytics Trends Strata 2015
  • Visual interfaces for Hadoop, Spark, and Flink.
  • Health analytics is an important trend in Big Data.
  • BI/analytics will be the top most priority for CIOs
  • real time predictions based on data from internet of things
  • movement toward data sharing standards (ontology) - staring by industry (RealEstate with RESO, etc.) but moving toward the entire landscape
  • increased use by Cities and governments of Open Data initiatives that allow the public to create new data applications
  • evolved toolsets that sit on top of big data infrastructure that make it easier and easier for analysts and SQL jockey's to get at the data stream
  • Creating Analytics and being able to explain how they work to get buy in to move to production
  • Operationalizing Analytics in businesses
  • Customer Experience and Insight
  • Text Analytics in general
  • Hadoop as a service using Docker containers
  • Apache Spark - for real time processing
  • Hadoop security
  • Deep learning becomes available to the masses through myriad offerings
  • AI gains immense traction with the post deep learning algorithms seeing light
  • The data management and analytical platforms start to merge together providing a unified platform for everything
  • Enterprises will continue to make small steps of progress in Big Data adoption but will continue to be frustrated with the trough of disillusion
  • Text analytics , unstructured data tons of it every where , web logs , sensor logs, text
  • poaching of analytics talent from financial institutions doing CRA, lift to digital marketing
  • digital transformation( marketing in social , mobile, a/b testing)
  • Data Agility
  • Organizations Move from Data Lakes to Processing Data Platform
  • Self-Service Big Data Goes Mainstream
  • Increased sensor data collection (e.g. internet of things) and its use in improving human well-being. This will undoubtedly be the platform on which many companies are started and will be a primary area of investment for established companies.
  • The investment of large companies in the data analytics tools space (e.g. Microsoft's acquisition of Revolution Analytics). I believe this will result in more stable implementations of widely used machine learning algorithms and ultimately lead to a broader use of predictive analytics in production environments.
  • Real-time Analytics
  • IoT meets big data
  • Cloud-based data warehousing
  • Hadoop and NoSQL adoption are growing
  • Real-time technology like Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Splunk
  • Analytics in the developing countries
  • Big Data Security
  • Real-time analytics adoption will increase with the proliferation of in-memory technologies and open source streaming ingestion projects.
  • Enterprises appetite for open source will grow driven by successful proof of concepts and increasing cost pressure
  • Spark
  • H2O machine learning platform
  • Deep Learning Algorithms
  • NewSQL, rediscovering the power of traditional RMDBS
  • Python for Data Science
  • Massively scalable Machine Learning

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