BigML machine learning platform Winter 2015 Release, Feb 11

See the latest in BigML's continuously evolved machine learning platform with its emphasis on consumability, programmability, and scalability. Feb 11 webinar at 9 am PT and 5 pm PT.

Since its inception four years ago, BigMLBigML has continuously evolved its machine learning platform with an emphasis on consumability, programmability, and scalability. With a full-featured REST API and an intuitive interface, the BigML platform can be leveraged by analysts, scientists and developers alike to perform an array of advanced data analyses and/or build predictive applications.

On February 11 BigML will be revealing its Winter 2015 Release, which builds upon BigML's current suite of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms with new capabilities such as G-Means Clustering, a Sample Service for fast access to in-memory datasets, Google Integration, Project Management and more.

BigML will be showcasing these new capabilities through live webinars at
9 am PST (noon ET, 1700 GMT) and
5 pm PST (8 pm ET, 0100 GMT) - the latter will be co-hosted with BigML's Australian strategic partner GCS Agile.
Please register through the links above.

BigML screenshot