PAW San Francisco: Learn Uplift Modeling

The analytical method to optimize for influence is uplift modeling (aka persuasion modeling) and its adoption is rapidly growing. Learn it in two sessions and a full-day training workshop at PAW Business, San Francisco, Mar 29 - Apr 2, 2015. KDnuggets discount.

PAW San Francisco

The analytical method to optimize for influence is uplift modeling- aka, persuasion modeling- and its adoption is rapidly growing. This state of the art technique improves persuasion by way of predicting... persuasion itself. Is uplift modeling for you? Are the additional human expertise requirements, analytical complexity, and data requirements worthwhile?

This hot topic is covered across two sessions and a full-day training workshop at Predictive Analytics World for Business at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, March 29 - April 2, 2015 - plus it is included in an article by PAW founder Eric Siegel:

  1. SESSION: Uplift Modeling Versus Traditional Response Modeling - Which One is Right for You?
    Presented by David Schey, Senior Director, Analytic Consulting Group, Digitas
    This session focuses on using uplift modeling to differentiate between customers that respond after campaign contact and customers that respond because of campaign contact. Learn when to use uplift modeling instead of traditional propensity modeling and how to make your marketing dollars work harder for you. See the full session description.

  2. SESSION: Response Modeling is the Wrong Modeling: Maximize Impact with Uplift Modeling
    Presented by Kim Larsen, Director of Client Algorithms, Stitch Fix
    The true effectiveness of a marketing campaign isn't response rate! It's the incremental impact - that is, additional revenue directly attributable to the campaign that would not otherwise have been generated. Discover how uplift models maximize incremental impact by targeting the undecided clients that can be motivated by marketing. See the full session description.

  3. WORKSHOP: Uplift Models: Optimizing the Impact of Your Marketing
    Training workshop lead by Kim Larsen, Director of Client Algorithms, Stitch Fix
    This training workshop demonstrates how to build uplift models that optimize the incremental impact of marketing campaigns, covering the pros and cons of various core analytical approaches. See the full workshop description.

  4. ARTICLE: Personalization is Back: How to Drive Influence by Crunching Numbers
    By Eric Siegel, Ph.D., Founder, Predictive Analytics World
    In this article, Siegel explores what uplift modeling is, how it is different from standard predictive models, and why it is important. He also provides resources for learning from the success stories of uplift modeling deployment at well-known businesses. Read the article.

Launch your understanding of uplift modeling at PAW Business San Francisco and soar with one of the hottest predictive analytics topics.
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