Careers in Data Science and Business Analytics – NYU Seminar, Mar 28

In an upcoming one-day seminar by NYU School of Professional Studies, Kaiser Fung will explain how to shape a career in data science and business analytics. Date: March 28, 2015. Registration: Open.


A One-day Seminar, Mar 28, 2015 (Saturday), New York City
By Kaiser Fung

Seminar Objectives

NYUData Science and Business Analytics have seen tremendous growth in the last few years, and there is fierce competition for the best talent. Numerous academic programs have sprung up, and many workers are making a career transition. The job market, while vibrant, is confusing because the field is fast evolving, and because the field encompasses different job types and career paths. The goal of this seminar is to help students develop a plan for finding a job in Data Science and/or Business Analytics, and building a lasting career in this field.

Specific objectives include: understanding the nature of the job, and the state of the job market; determining whether the job is right for you; creating a networking strategy; improving your resume; developing your pitch; making the decision to invest in further education, and building a lasting career.

The seminar is divided into four sessions. Interaction is encouraged throughout the day. Students complete hands-on exercises, especially in the third session; and receive handouts on tips and resources.

Course Outline

  • A.      Is Data Science and Business Analytics the Right Career for You?
  • Trends in Data Science/Analytics
  • Different job types, and career paths
  • Where are the jobs?
  • The highs and lows of a Data Science/Analytics career
  • Where do you fit?

  • B.      Navigating the Hiring Process

  • What are employers looking for?
  • Mining job postings for an advantage
  • Getting past the screening
  • Preparing for the interview

  • C.      Maximizing Your Chance of Success (This session is primarily hands-on)
  • Polishing your resume
  • How to build a portfolio?
  • The value of Data Science/Analytics degrees, certifications, MOOCs, etc.
  • Developing and practicing your talking points
  • Advice for recent graduates and career switchers

  • D.      Building a Lasting Career in Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Why should you screen your employer and how?
  • Taking control of your career path
  • Understanding your personality
  • Articulating the value of your work


About the Instructor

kaiser-fungKaiser Fung has built and managed data analytics teams for a variety of businesses, such as Vimeo, Sirius XM Radio, [X+1] and American Express. His career spans multiple industries such as online media, digital marketing, financial services, and telecom, as well as companies at different stages of analytical maturity. In creating new teams, he has made hiring decisions, set up processes and procedures, developed internal and vendor relationships and collaborations, defined strategies, and tracked performance.

Fung is an adjunct professor of business analytics and data visualization at New York University. He writes the Junk Charts blog. His latest book is Numbersense: How to Use Big Data to Your Advantage (McGraw-Hill). He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and degrees in statistics and engineering from Cambridge and Princeton Universities.

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