OpenDataSciCon – Data Science for All: What Do You Need ?

“All you need is knowledge.” Open source is what paves the road to that knowledge and the Open Data Science Conference, Boston, May 30-31, 2015.

By Sheamus McGovern, Chair of Open Data Science Conference.

The Beatles sang “All you need is love.” If you are a data enthusiast you can sing a slightly different melody: “all you need is knowledge.” Open source is what paves the road to that knowledge and the

Open Data Science Conference Open Data Science Conference, (Boston, May 30-31, 2015) is a stop along the way, but more about that later.

Note that I choose the phrase “data enthusiast” carefully since we range from full-fledged data scientists to software engineers to those who just dabble in data. So regardless of where you rank in that range, read on!

Thanks to open source we are firmly in an era where it is not necessary to run costly software to work with data. There are plenty of free open tools and languages that you can employ. Think R and Python, which are stacked with rich data science packages and libraries. Languages without strong libraries are like planes without engines: plenty of structure but no power. Now add to these languages tools like Hadoop, Spark, and Elastic Search to name a few and you are flying... data wise

What about data science topics? That’s a part of the open revolution too. The days of black box models are long gone and most models and techniques are openly published. There are so many available resources to teach you about predictive models, text analytics, machine learning, deep learning or whatever it is in the domain you are interested in.

Another important tool in your data science tool kit is what’s right between your ears: your brain and the knowledge it holds. To expand that knowledge we want to build an inclusive, accessible conference. Enter the Open Data Science conference. It’s a two-day knowledge-dump packed with over 70 talks and workshops about the languages, tools, and topics of data and data science.

We have the likes of
- Wes McKinney who created Pandas for Python;
- Tal Galili, the data scientist who founded those wonderful R fountain-of-knowledge sites R-Bloggers and R-Statistics;
- Anthony Goldbloom, who founded and runs the open data science competition site Kaggle.

Speaking of Kaggle, we also have Owen Zhang, the #1 ranked Kaggle rank data scientist, a guy who, like all our speakers, is more than generous in sharing his knowledge. For a full list of speakers and discounted registration please visit . Hope to see you there and… share the knowledge!