On the Shelf: Data Science Books

Here are some great books About Data Science, Data Science for Businesses, Data Science in Popular Culture, Data Science How Tos & Manuals, and more - brought to you by UC Berkeley online Master of Information and Data Science.

Are you interested in learning more about the business and sociology behind data science? Here are some great books on the discipline brought to you by datascience@berkeley, the online Master of Information and Data Science from the UC Berkeley School of Information.


 About Data Science

Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World  — Christopher Steiner, 2012

Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think — Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier, 2013

The Human Face of Big Data  — Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, 2012

Numbersense: How to Use Big Data to Your Advantage  — Kaiser Fung, 2013

Open Data Now: The Secret to Hot Startups, Smart Investing, Savvy Marketing, and Fast Innovation — Joel Gurin, 2013

Privacy in the Age of Big Data — Theresa M. Payton and Theodore Claypoole, 2014

Super Crunchers: Why Thinking-By-Numbers is the New Way to be Smart  — Ian Ayres, 2007


Data Science for Businesses

Big Data at Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities  — Thomas H. Davenport, 2014

Data Science for Business: What You Need to Know About Data Mining and Data-Analytic Thinking  — Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett, 2013

Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data  — Phil Simon, 2013


Data Science in Popular Culture

Data, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match — Amy Webb, 2013

Smart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia  — Anthony M. Townsend, 2013

Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game — Michael Lewis, 2003


Data Visualization

Beautiful Data: The Stories Behind Elegant Data Solutions  — Toby Segaran and Jeff Hammerbacher, 2009

Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design  — Randy Krum, 2013

The Visual Organization: Data Visualization, Big Data, and the Quest for Better Decisions  — Phil Simon, 2014

Data Points: Visualization That Means Something  — Nathan Yau, 2013

Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics  — Nathan Yau, 2011


How To’s & Manuals

Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information Into Insight  — John Foreman, 2013

Doing Data Science: Straight Talk from the Frontline  — Cathy O’Neil and Rachel Schutt, 2013

Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data  — Charles Wheelan, 2013


The Sociology of Data Science

Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything — Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, 2005

Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die  — Eric Siegel, 2013

The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail — But Some Don’t  — Nate Silver, 2012

SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance  — Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, 2009

Uncharted: Big Data as a Lens on Human Culture  — Erez Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel, 2013


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